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Flying cars, holograms, teleportation, ray guns and more! The future is here! WELL, we still may have to wait for most of the futuristic things we all wish we had when we see any movie or TV show. However, some things are already here, and one of them is the “voice of future”. Not just her software is amazing, but her concerts and other things that make us get closer to her makes everyone be in awe.

Touchable Holograms

Lets start with something really amazing. Holograms. We know that you can’t touch holograms, since your hand can just go through, but with this you can actually move them around and play with them. Just image all the little Miku holograms we could play with in the future!

Miku stomp

Let’s just say this was not the best idea ever made. Okay author’s opinion: “it’s terrible”. The Miku stomp is actually an effect unit that is use to connect to your guitar and make Miku’s voice come out as you play! It really sounded a great idea at first but… what do you think?

Midi Fighter 64

I only want to say that I want one! It was probably a mix of the piano and the drums put in one. A software where you can put several different sounds and put into a song!

Make your own vocaloid concert!

Sadly even if you don’t have money to buy any of these beauties why not become a tech expert yourself. Just use your PS VITA (or phone) , hard paper and a clear acrylic! Also a little bit of magic…

Well Christmas is in two months so feel free to send these really nice presents to your favorite writer in MikuDB! Anyway if there’s other things I missed, please feel free to comment below!  See you next week!

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