Tell Your World (Review by Deathspark)

BOOM! 3 album reviews to the face in one week! Why? It’s my birthday, and I wanted to select my favorite composer, kz! I am writing this down because I feel like it because it’s my birthday, so yeah…
NOTE: My reviews are opinion based. I’m not always right. Not everyone enjoys the exact same thing. J
Oh, and I’ll usually give it one time listens, one shot. So, if a song doesn’t make me go yay, it doesn’t get into the Song Highlight, so yeah now you know how I work.

Album : Tell Your World
Link :
Genre : Electronica
Tracks : 8
Song Highlight : Tell Your World (Track 1), Far Away (Track 2)

No intro, straight into the bright lights of joy!

What I like

I don’t even have to say anything for Tell Your World (Track 1). Must I say something? Alright, fine. The moment this song was out, 5 stars, no questions asked. Until today, it’s like one of my favorite songs, until right now. I don’t even need to listen to it, it’s basically a fanboy song for me. What, it’s a personal opinion? Well, I don’t care, if it gets 5 stars from me, it gets it. It’s catchy, it makes you want to move and the feeling of sharing is there, what else must I say? It’s near perfect, no it’s awesome. Want to change your palette if you are bored with this, use this to step up 😉
Want me to prove that I am an ultimate fanboy of this song?
Okay, I’m done fanboying…

Far Away (Track 2) is a song that pretty much questions about life, and almost like a classic to me. I knew Vocaloid 5 years ago (Maybe 6) so when Project Diva came out, I played it before it was cool, so take that you fanboys/fangirls! I liked the bright feeling of the song and I kind of remembered myself playing this a few times with Kaito’s skin while laughing because back then, you can put on a Kaito costume and Miku sings. Screw logic, I know, but that was back then.

Jubilee (Track 6) is also a song I really like. It makes you feel like you are in some party. The song lyrics are just pretty much like talking about the melody that makes you happy (Pretty much like any other kz song) so yeah. I don’t think many people think this song is great because it’s not that famous, but to me, I liked it personally. I’m just surprised not many would think the way I do, but ah well it’s their opinion anyway. I liked this song, and yeah that’s pretty much all I’ll say.

What I don’t like

Nothing really, because most of them would end up in personal opinions…

Personal Opinions

Star Story (Track 3) is slow and nice, but I did not really like it. Sure some of you would love it, I just, well, not for me, or maybe because of my bad experience playing it on Project Diva. I have this ‘slowmophobia’ on rhythm games. When it’s a slow song, I’d go “Ugh, geez!” I like fast songs because I get to press fast. When it’s slow, I’m forcing myself to delay myself, which is good for beginners who want to get into a game, but for me who is a so called veteran in Project Diva? OH GOD! I kept sucking hard at this song because of one or two ‘Worst’s (It’s considered as a miss in the game) and I have this ‘restartophillia’ where when I get a ‘Safe;, I’d immediately hit retry constantly, so, a personal opinion indeed.

I guess the same rule applies to Fly Out (Track 5) but it’s not because of a bad experience in Project Diva. I just don’t like it when songs like this go slow mo, I just, meh…

There are two remixes for Tell Your World, one by Pandaboy and one by fu mou. Are they good? Well, depends. It’s like a fit for you scenario? Did you like the original Tell Your World, if no, refer these two. If yes, don’t continue and enjoy the original. If you wanted Tell Your World to be wilder, listen to Pandaboy’s mix. If you needed something more chill or orchestra, well fu_mou did that so there. I did not like both because I already liked the original, so yeah.


You need something bright, fresh and exciting? Well, buy it.

Should you buy this album? : Yes
Will Deathspark buy this album? : YES, YES, YES!!!
Reason: It’s my birthday, come on. If I can buy this album, no question, I’ll buy it within a heartbeat. If I had the money of course…
(P.S. Last time in Comic Fiesta 2013, I actually wanted to buy Tell Your World, it bloody sold out. I was sad, but the best part was, I was the first in line by accident because I was buying his t-shirt and he came along. I was the first to handshake him (SCREW YOU FANGAYS, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!) Too harsh? Meh, screw it. So yeah, was so happy. Later got an autograph on my Project Diva F too. Still kept it. You wanna see it? I kinda have it here, so just take a look:

Oh, and 5 stars. I want this album so bad. It had 2 ‘5 stars’ in it. Why hesitate?

Mikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingMikus rating

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