The Future MikuDB and what things gonna change

Hello, today I would like to announce to our members that there gonna be huge changes in the way MikuDB is going and how it will affect each sections. Also please note that while these changes gonna apply, for the user in the end, nothing will change. There were lots of collision between user rights and staff member rights and not enough protection from disruptive behaviours, spammers.

As many noticed, many of the links uploaded became broken, alot of takedown notices were surrounding us. There was no clear evidence of what MikuDB is, if we are another website uploading albums or a indexing website that is just gathering links on the internet. This became a matter of concern the more producers started to promote their albums on our website and actually succesfuly raising the popularity. From today, MikuDB will have s straight purpose and aim. We exist as a website that is gathering Album links (not called Download links anymore). This will also be stated in terms and policies so if there gonna be any jurisdiction problem, we stated it clearly. By album links we mean the place, where you can find the album to download it. Either it is a paid download or free download. We simply become a place for our visitors, where they can find links to download their favourite albums. As for the uploaders, they either do it as producers to promote their album, or as a regular user who came across an album found on internet and want to share it/ make it easier for others to find the album. 


  • Download links will become Album links and the links contained in an album will link to anything that is involving download links (free or paid).
  • MikuDB is a place where users can share among each other links found on internet/ producers promoting and linking to their work.
  • Staff members will create new albums under a section called – without links
  • Nothing changes in terms of Download links, they are just renamed to fit more in
  • Each album gonna have an information place for the uploader to rely the message to others
  • Users will be still able to edit information and post Album links like before
  • More emphasis on the comment section, where people will ask for albums, and can also report broken links
  • Album section – Staff members will works on pre-creating albums without any Album links, approving pending albums, checking redundancy of tags, making sure to contact the owner of the album if the standard email system is not reaching them.

From admin perspective a message to fans

Before, MikuDB was changing based mostly on 1 individual doing all the changes, managing everything and working with mostly 1 brain doing the decisions for all… This way it worked many years and you definitely know what can happen out of it. Before was existing, there were version and doujin. Yes each those versions of mikudb were also depending on each individual decision making and how he is hard working. As time goes the history proved that sometimes it can go wrong and sometimes well. Each of you can make their own opinion out of it. Even up till now was done this way but its about time we draw a huge line and start anew. This time however, I want to make it more liberal, where the community contributes to it with admins doing the decisions and applying changes. Not anymore on one individual but rather a set of individuals ,where each one of those admins are responsible for their sections. Sadly even now after doing the same thing for years, I feel like this work is not fulfiling for me anymore and the only thing that is driving me ahead is the community and that there is so much MikuDB can still accomplish. I dont want that this version of mikudb gonna end like his ancestors.

MikuDB has grown too big, just from a mere downloading site to rather a database for not only Downloading, but also for checking information, creating favourite list, reading critics, reviews and news. But also a place for searching for your videos and lately to hang out. Sadly the performance of some sections was shadowed with very weak performance and looking back, I feel like while there is much things I managed to accomplish, the amount of things I failed to finish was equally big,  it is impossible to shoulder it all alone. I wanted to do this very long time ago but could not find capable people. While some sections found a good admin, others are still lacking it. Please, if you still care and want to be part of MikuDB as admins and the shots callers, perhaps owners, join the ship and help us to keep mikuDB alive. 

Im writing this not behalf of MikuDB, but as Yun, the current head admin of MikuDB.

Community and issues

We will try to keep propagating groups on MikuDB where people can group up and start working on website!  We have enabled it so that everyone can create their own groups and start managing them. Create groups for everything you want to and manage the content. The community section of MikuDB will be checking them and watch over them. If we find a group very active or useful, we might even ask the member to join our team and make the group official. Let your creation free!

As for spams through private message… Please help us by reporting those users! They are sadly not bots, but paid humans who do nothing else besides spamming the registration and others… No firewall can protect us from them. (Every week,  we are banning more then 5000 fraud comments, registration spams and private message spams).

While MikuDB system has a strong protection, it did not count what can happen ,if a user mistake happens (easy to predict password, keylogger on hacked computer and so on). Yes, there was a huge problem with album leakage and we lost around 2600 entries during few days. They are now restored but sadly still need to be reworked as we lost during the restoration around 100 albums and alot of links are old. Please give us some time to rebuild our team and start with the work.

MikuDB is searching for capable admins!

Yes as the title is saying, we are literally searching for experienced people (please, let us judge this, dont feel really frightened and try to apply!). Do you have any experience or feel like you could lead a section on MikuDB? Please write us and let us know, we will give u the additional details, feel free to even use the comment section for questions! The procedure and more will be said in a different post later. For now on, why dont you try your luck?

MikuDB and our plan,  new features, new sections

First, we are planning to restore the entries that were lost (around 100 of them) and the thumbnails that are also not showing. Once the problems are fixed, we will focus on different things.

As we will hit the following marks, we will start implementing new features we could not before. A brand new section is coming and with it, completely new changes to the user interface. We will try to segment more the things between categories, leaving albums, community, videos, articles having each one their own page.


Our plan and the phases (the order is based on sooner->later and importance). We will always notify our visitors through our articles.

  1. fixing the album entries
  2. implementing a different interface for editing albums, applying the double layer system, which should prevent another break into our database and ensure the consistency of tags (wikipedia style)
  3. Recruiting new admins
  4. segmenting our sections and creating new homepages for each section
  5. New section that is yet still unannounced
  1. Hi, where would I go to like apply for/find more about being part of the staff or whatever? I really like this site and would be totally up for contributing some of my time to helping out with it :3

    • Guys, not much time to help with admin stuff, but is there a way to help you financially to support your hosting/BW costs? (on a related note, a version of the site without adverts would be nice)


      • hey please contact me via private message system on MikuDB. By registering an mikudb account and finding me in All members or on “Our Team”.

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