ALL THINGS MUST PASS (Review by Deathspark)

Oh boy, this 16th album here is quite a long one. Prepare to read, and thankfully, it’s by whoo. Yes, that means more guitars! Since this is such a huge album there are quite many replicates, which means whenever I encounter a whoo album again, I don’t have to review some songs again because most of them are already packed up in this album.

Genre: Calm/Soft Rock
Tracks: 24 with 2 disks (12 songs on each disk)
Song Highlight: All of the songs (Yes, I dare say I liked every song in this because it’s just that good…)

Although this album has no intro, the first song ROOMS feels like an intro already, which is great. No Vocaloid sounds, but it does give you an idea on what to expect in the album. That same guitar strumming alongside the drums makes it feel like you’re on a train watching the sunset as you are on the way home. Magnificent I must say.

What I like

Disk 1
音のない部屋の中で (a Google Translate says it’s “In a room with no sound”) (Track 2) has a wonderful energy to it. It has that ambient sound but it doesn’t make the song less energetic. If you noticed something, if you listened to Miku’s voice in this song, she has a slightly muffled sound, which is perfect for this song because it fits the theme very properly. This is what I call a properly used effect.

Ice (Track 3) has that wintery feel (and you know I’m a sucker for Winter) and of course, whoo’s style of using the harmonica can be heard in this one. Yes, usually in whoo, harmonicas work with Miku. I found the translation, so here you go:
Alright then, let’s talk about what it means. (NOTE: The video is longer than the original song in the album due to the intro.) It basically is pretty dark for a happy like sound. (Ouch…) It has an emphasis on despair and ice could be the frozen corpse, wow… Based on a theory by someone, it’s said to be inspired by a novel of the same name by Van Annaka. You can find this statement in the Youtube link, so I guess it could be that.

And Your Bird (Track 4) has a good thing to love, which is Miku’s voice. In this song Miku’s voice is highly emphasized and it sounds brilliant. Smooth, calming and soothing, this is how it felt like. Once again, the harmonica in this song is awesome. Not many artists use harmonica in Miku songs. I’d like to thank whoo for showing that any instrument goes well with any artist provided if the artist knows what he/she is doing.

Lights (Track 5) has a strong guitar emphasis, but that’s not why I like this song. It feels powerful, yet very calm. The thing is, usually songs are just calm or energetic, but this somehow puts both together and does it work? Yes it does. If you love guitars, admit it. You’d love this song a lot.

The Forgotten Song (Track 6) [Disk 1] has easily become one of my favorite songs back then. Yes it’s pretty old, and thankfully, there is a translation:
Just as the title suggests, it’s pretty much like a song that is forgotten. It’s almost as if Miku’s singing her last song in a world that is about to end. (Just when you thought Disappearance of Hatsune Miku was brutal enough) This song feels so beautiful, yet tragic. whoo sure knows his stuff. This song has a strong emphasis on guitar and ambient sounds. If you want your death to be not so sorrowful, maybe use this. It’s not a too sad song, but it’s extremely tragic if you know the meaning.

Fireworks (Track 7) has been reviewed already. Check the previous review on whoo’s album.

gimme (Track 8) has a very long instrumental intro. I usually hate songs with an extremely long intro until it bores me out, but this one does not do that. The song feels like a very exciting build-up. Miku only sings at the very end, yes, when it’s about to end. The song has a violin (I think) which makes it sound better. I don’t hear a lot of violin from whoo, so it’s new and great honestly. Since this song doesn’t have a lot of Miku in it, I can just tell someone it’s a great guitar song and tell them there’s not a lot of Miku in it and people may like it.

INTIMACY (Track 9) has been reviewed already. Check the previous review on whoo’s album.

Parades (Track 10) has been reviewed already. Check the previous review on whoo’s album.

Summer’88 (Track 11) is very light, and when I mean light, it feels very bright as well. Talk about Summer huh (well where I am it is summer)? Anyway, this song here is quite a beauty because it feels very relaxing and at the same time, exciting. Reminds me of the beach though, no joke. Of course I’m not talking about the crazy lunatic party beach; I’m talking about walking at the beach when the sun sets as you enjoy your drink. I like how the song not only has Miku’s voice in it, which is absolutely fine with me since it’s executed properly. On a vacation somewhere with a beach? I recommend this. Suitable for road trips as well!

ALL THINGS MUST PASS (Track 12) is a little slower compared to the other whoo songs, but there is a good reason why I like it. The violins (or strings) in this song make it feel very scenic. The meaning is even better, here’s a translation:
For some reason, all things must pass apparently means pretty much like when your glorious moment is gone. Like, letting it pass and push forward to a new day. It’s funny how Miku admits she is bad in English in the song and I’m forced to agree in this case because I couldn’t understand her at all if I did not see the subtitles. Anyway, it’s a good song for people who like slow songs.

Disk 2

虹 (Rainbow) (Track 1) is also a slow track and Miku’s voice seemed to be slightly muffled, but that’s not a bad thing because she doesn’t sound bad. It seems the rainbow she refers to is a bridge, huh. Whoops, here is the translation:
Anyway, this song has an excellent guitar, just like the songs above. Yeah, that’s all I’ll say.

旅立ちの詩 (Math Rock) (Track 2) somehow has no English translation, shucks. Anyway, the song feels like you’re swaying with waves. It’s relaxing and refreshing honestly. I’d use this in a movie credits if I could because it feels so, well, good. Honestly, give it a listen. It feels so comfortable listening to it. I can sleep with this, I could even write stories (Yes I am writing a novel right now) and this song is also perfect if it was an ending for an Anime. I’m serious, just listen to it alright?

Open Air Theatre (Track 3) feels just like the wind. Yeah, what did you expect from an open air theatre, right? Here, a translation:
I like the way how the song’s meaning was simply about how it is to be in this theatre. I like it when instruments are played in such a way you could feel like you’re in another world, this one does it well.

トラベリングムード (Travelling Mood) (Track 4) has been reviewed already. Check the previous review on whoo’s album.

カラ、カラ、カラ (Kara, Kara, Kara) (Track 5) is heard in the song, so I suppose the title is just that. Once again, it’s your typical slow guitar with a whoo touch in it. I’m just going to repeat what I’ll say above. Miku’s muffled voice, comfortable guitar and good song. You get the idea.

世界のはじまり(Beginning of the world according to Google Translate) (Track 6) has a lot of things going on in the song. I love the melody in this song, and of course, just like every other whoo song, comfortable guitar and beautiful sounds.

雀色コンデンサ (Light Brown Condenser) (Track 7) is very uplifting and I have more to speak for this as I found the translation:
For some reasons when I keep watching these translations, it’s about someone not existing, somehow… One way or another, why whoo? Anyway, it’s like what I said, about disappearing and stuff. Oh well, I like the way this song is perfect for when you are out on a morning jog, except I don’t do that.

Fines (Track 8) is one of those songs I want to use if I’m driving to the countryside or from the countryside. The guitar played in this song is interesting and I like the piano if you listened properly. It makes the song which has full of things going on have a perfectly arranged melody. But just like most of the whoo songs, I think you get the idea already.

Dreaming of You (Track 9) is not sung by Miku. It’s from Jibun and his voice fits the country styled music whoo could do. It’s well paced and if I were to create a Harvest Moon song, I think this would be it. This would be the best song to use. It’s relaxing and energetic enough to get you working, somehow. Just imagine drinking coffee with this is enough I guess.

Time and a Word (Track 10) has been reviewed already. Check the previous review on whoo’s album.

ひつじ雲 (Hitsujigumo) (Track 11) is apparently sang by arcane madder. Honestly I thought it was a man, it’s a woman, huh. Well I only knew it when I listened to this so yeah. Anyway, this one does have a translation:
This song is very relaxing and calm, not too fast. Her voice is alright and acceptable. From the video, I can guess that it’s about remembering her past.

はばたき(Flutter) (Track 12) FINALLY the last track in the album is sang by Kuroda Kotaro? Not sure who, but anyway. This song has that same medicine from most of the whoo songs, so yeah that’s all I’ll say. Oh, a lot of flute emphasis in this one. Yes, flutes are also a thing in whoo songs, so yeah.

What I don’t like

I literally listed every song from the album. So no, there are no dislikes.

Personal Opinions

Most of the songs have the same feeling, so you could see I don’t elaborate too much as I continued writing. They have the same melody style but different variations. It’s good, but if you don’t like guitar or these kinds of music, this is a no.


I think whoever is a fan of whoo, this is like an essential. For those who wonder who whoo is, I suggest picking this up. There are many other whoo albums out there, but pick this one up first because it features a lot from other albums from him.

Should you buy this album? : Yes
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Yes
Reason: I like every song, but no 5 stars on them. But that’s alright, at least the songs were great.

4/5. Sure it’s a great album and could sound like I’d give it a 5, but all of the songs aren’t superb, so I can’t really give my 5.

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