Time for Yuzuki Yukari to hit the Stage!

Yuzuki Yukari – I don’t really know much about this vocaloid and I bet there’s someone like me out there too. For this reason, AH-Software Co. Ltd – the company who distributed Yukari in the market – launched a live stream a few days ago which brings Yukari’s planned concerts as well as her fellow AHS Vocaloids, merchandises and many more. There’s a lot to expect of Yukari in the near future. So, Yukari fans out there will definitely be overjoyed!

Here are some that were mentioned in the live stream and I added a few info about Yukari’s career progress :




It was announced that all AHS Vocaloids as well as Yukari’s voice actress will have a two live concerts. One is going to be held in Japan and the other is in Berlin.

February 28, 2016 (Sunday) at 17:00
Location: Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall, first floor

Part 1
Aninite return! It’s essentially an encore of the Aninite concert back in Vienna, Austria in August 2015, except this time in Japan. All of AH-Software’s VOCALOIDs will sing solo, and then all together at the very end.

Part 2
Yuzuki Yukari Live! Yuzuki Yukari and the Yuzuki Yukari band.
Tickets will be sold at 3,500 yen starting December 24th at 12:00.



Date: June 3, 2016 (Friday) (time TBA) – June 5th, 2016

(the event spans three days though the VOCALOID concert will only be on Friday. AHS will stay for all three days, though)

Location: Atze Music Theatre – Berlin, GermanyDay 1
VOCALOID concert with all of AHS’ VOCALOIDs including a duet between Yukari and her voice provider, Chihiro Ishiguro!

Day 2
Ishiguro Chihiro solo concert.

Ticket prices are available here and can be ordered here starting December 20, 2015.


In commemoration of Yuzuki Yukari’s 4th Anniversary, Juu Ayakura – Yuzuki Yukari’s official illustrator – made a new illustration of the said vocaloid. The said illustration will be used for Yukari’s upcoming merchandises made by “Vocalomakets” – the developer of Yuzuki Yukari.




It was announced that Yukari would receive three V4 voicebanks: her “Onn” (穏) voicebank, a powerful “Lin” (凛) voicebank and a natural “Jun” (純) voicebank, intended to be similar to her original V3. Anyways, her V4 Lin persona was given the privilege to become a figure and so here it is!


Pulchra has announced today a figure dedicated to Vocaloid Yuzuki Yukari Lin ver., revealing the 3DCG model for their upcoming production. Other details, such as scale and information about release and price, are still to be announced.



1. Yukari Bunny Ring



2. Yuzuki Yukari Keyboard


Look at that purple keyboard!

3. Yuzuki Yukari Bike


Information will be added at a later date.

So yeah! That’s all for this article but I’ll be sure to add more if I find more updates about Yukari.

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