Torrent Name: [Mikudb] Vocaloid Discography (506 albums) [FLAC]

File Size: 176GB

Date: 27-09 - 2015


File list:

too many to list them all.

        • I mean dude, they did say they are uploading the missing collection first, then they gonna start fixing the broken links, not sure whats so hard to understand on that.

          • Im not from discord. I kinda don’t spend all day there because most people there are porn addicts… Thank you very much for the info, I appreciate it, I didn’t know anything about a missing collection. I only do know UtsuP GALAPAGOS is missing… but It was here last year tho…

  1. This 506 albums collection has no tags whatsoever. It has no important albums from important artists.
    I bet none of you braggarts even have to seed from their own PC. All you give is a bunch of lame m4a quality albums form half-baked “basement authors who dont even have a proper studio”.

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