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Still from ProjectDIVAChannel ‘Project DIVA X – Cute Medley ~Idol Sounds~ ‘


Twinkle Star

So, Project Diva X is going to be available for EU and NA shelves later on this year, and they just keep teasing us by releasing super amazing videos and module clips.

One in particular that got my attention was the Twinkle Star modules. Miku was first seen showcasing it, and then it was revealed that all six characters had their own version. Each one is unique to the character, and makes them look super adorable in sweet pastel colours and designs.

Lyrical Star

Miku Hatsune
Miku’s hair is in her signature pigtails, but the ends turn a funky shade of pink; her green hair colour is incorporated in little details on her tights, collar and buttons. Bright yellow bloomers add a bright splash of colour to the pastel design, but are half covered by an adorable baggy dress that just screams kawaii! This module enhances the Cute Medley we were teased with several months ago.

Rin & Len Kagamine

Whilst I love that their personality is incorporated into their outfits, I also love how their silhouette has barely been changed either. We still get Rin’s signature short shorts, her cute ribbon and clips, but she’s wearing a cute waistcoat that falls down over the back of her shorts. The collar is simply an elongated sailor collar, but it somehow manages to fit in so nicely with the cute colours and overall look of the module. Len matches his sister with a matching jacket, longer shorts and a funky striped shirt. Half his hair is combed back to make him look pretty cool, and on that note, he goes well with Kaito.



Splash Star


Radical Star


Kaito matches Len’s striped shirt with his own, but even with his pink tip hair and pink scarf which look amazing, he still looks super cool and suave. His signature jacket is still intact, and the diamonds and flashes of pink with blue easily makes Kaito’s module the most dashing of them all, in my own opinion.

Luka Megurine

Luka is the classiest of them all, and her outfit clearly reflects this. Whilst this one is a dress instead of her top and skirt, the split is still apparent and shows a cute bit of lace above her tights. The green dress hugs her figure and a small splash of stripe is framed by a beautiful frog collar on a tiny waistcoat with ruffled sleeves that matches the hem of the dress. It’s a look that goes well with Kaito’s, and shows that Luka can be cute and classy at the same time.


Meiko’s module, like Miku’s, is different from her original silhouette. Her tiny skirt has transformed into tiny shorts, but she showcases a beautiful butted jacket that flows behind her like a dress. Personally, I prefer the elegant Meiko in a nice dress, but with the recurring stripes and cute buttons, Meiko simply looks like she’s ready to go shopping (for PDX!?). The beret is a wonderful touch too, and really is the cherry on the top of a wonderful module.


Fresh Star


Passion Star

To get these modules, you simply have to clear the Cute Event Quests for all characters. Not sure what this means at this point but I’m so excited for this game!! Overall, I adore this collection, and if they came out with maybe a figure or two from it, I would be so happy.


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