Unhappy Refrain (Review by Deathspark)

The 25th album should be familiar to most rock enthusiasts out there. Wowaka is quite famous and boy does he do rock properly. Let’s just jump right in! NOTE: There are quite a number of songs in this album, so if it’s not in personal opinions, likes and dislikes, well, it’s just fine to me. I don’t want to elaborate too much because Wowaka’s style is almost the same.

Album: Unhappy Refrain
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/unhappy-refrain/id460909894
Tracks: Disk 1 with 14 tracks and Disk 2 with 7 tracks
Song Highlight: アンハッピーリフレイン (Track 1) [Unhappy Refrain] (Disk 1), ローリンガール (Track 2) [Rolling Girl] (Disk 1), ワールズエンド・ダンスホール (Track 13) [World’s End Dancehall] (Disk 1) and ローリンガール remix by acane_madder (Track 3) [Rolling Girl] (Disk 2)

No intros, but it does start with the song title itself.

What I like

アンハッピーリフレイン (Track 1) [Unhappy Refrain] (Disk 1) is one of those songs where I could easily get hyped to. It’s so fast, rapid and if I want to make a Danmaku game, this would be my choice. It feels destructive and so much chaos is going on by just the first few seconds of the song until the end. I feels like listening to a war as I listen to this. Although I played this song to death on Project Diva F, I seem to still like it for its awesome theme and epic rock music.

ローリンガール (Track 2) [Rolling Girl] (Disk 1) is very easy to identify. I seriously did not even try to Google Translate this because it has that distinct beginning and a very distinct melody to it. This song somehow could scream sadness but not in a sad way, which was cool to me. Of course, this song is super old, and is it still good? I must say, yes. It still makes my head bang which is good because this song is still great. For rock enthusiasts, I bet that you must’ve liked this song at least once.

ワールズエンド・ダンスホール (Track 13) [World’s End Dancehall] (Disk 1) is one of those songs where I kept listening to in Project Diva F and enjoyed it anyway. It has a proper melody and although it’s not as fast, I’d still say this song could still make me feel “Hell yeah!” And to sidetrack a little, this song makes me scream and toss the controller around while I try to full combo this, sidetrack done. Anyway, this song is great for it cool melody and awesome rock music.

ローリンガール remix by acane_madder (Track 3) [Rolling Girl] (Disk 2) is an example of a good remix on a hard song. Well, when I say hard, I mean a song that just hits you hard, you get the idea… If I were to guess, the singer in this remix is arcane_madder herself as I recall she does sing. Her voice somehow fits the theme properly, which is good because it didn’t make the song sound weird. I’d recommend giving this a shot if you enjoyed the original.

What I don’t like

Certainly, I did have very less likes, but nothing insulted my ears, so there you go.

Personal Opinions

裏表ラバーズ  remix by キャプテンミライ (Track 1) [Two Faced Lovers remixed by Captain Future] (Disk 2) is not really the best, but it’s alright. Let me just spout this out, the original is better. Sometimes, the remix isn’t really good, but it’s good for dancing from how I could feel it. You know those dancers where they do all those slick moves with these beats? Yeah, but this one’s not for me…

ずれていく   remix by whoo (Track 6) [Zureteiku] (Disk 2) disappointed me a little. Sure the original was nice, and when I saw whoo, I was giddy, but no, it disappointed. It’s not bad, but it’s just not really that great! Sorry whoo, but maybe there are some people who like this kind of guitar, you be the judge.

ワールズエンド・ダンスホール  remix by Dixie Flatline (Track 7) [World’s End Dancehall] (Disk 2) also once again, disappointed me. Dixie, whoo, I’m sorry guys… I loved these two artists and yes, you can clearly see how much I love them, but I can’t love this because its well, it’s mediocre and it doesn’t feel that great. I guess Dixie and whoo can’t really take on these genres. At least they tried… ><

And like most wowaka songs, they all have that same guitar sound, and if I were to state for every damn song, I’d say, some would feel slow, some feels a little messy and some just isn’t really my cup of tea. So that may explain why some songs are not even talked about here.


Should you buy this album? : Probably. (70% yes)
NOTE: From now on, I’ll add a percentage because I feel like words sometimes don’t justify enough ^^;
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Maybe… (60% yes)

Reason: I will admit that this album has a couple of good songs, but pretty old too. Well, it’s not too bad, so I’ll consider.

3/5, there are some good tracks out of the 21 tracks in this album.

  1. Have you listen the song ‘My Talent remix by toku-P’? IMO, It’s great yet quite long instrumental song. (this sounds weeab to say), this gave me a JoJo vibe at part “We looked pretty mediocre, I’ll replace you myself”
    Part 1-3 Spoiler

      • I pretty much know what happened in Jojo already, so no spoilers at all to my face. Checked out the song, and I’ll safely say it’s not my taste ^^; You’ll get the same response:

        1. Too slow
        2. A little off?
        3. Didn’t catch my attention enough…

        Yeah, sorry, but at least you liked it!

  2. I tossed the 2nd disc without having any backup…,
    that was a total mess.
    Yes, this album is pretty nice, all the tracks (disc.1) are MASTERPIECES.

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