Vibgyor (Review by Deathspark)

17th album is Vibgyor, and it’s Ryuryu again. Don’t worry, I know the albums I have reviewed so far are usually soft and easy on the ears. After this one, things will get really loud. Trust me; I have my hit list ready. Anyway, for your information if you noticed, this is almost like a continuation of his album, Homeland. If you saw the first song title of this album, it’s title was, well, let’s talk about it in the review yeah?

Album: Vibgyor
Genre: Calm
Tracks: 10
Song Highlight: All of the songs (This includes the intro!)

The song is Landscape II, and just like the first Landscape in Homeland, this one is as good. I love how it has the light feeling of welcoming you to the album. It has the same melody style as Landscape, but better. Listen to it and you’ll probably agree. It’s light and much more exciting. I like the way how this song made me think of a parade. You know those advertisements you see on television? I wonder why this song was not used yet… I’d happily use this song in an advertisement promoting a cool new adventure game, sadly, I can’t do that.

What I like

For Us All (Track 2) is a continuation from Landscape II, which is good. I like how fluffy this song with a lot of beautiful and rich sounds this song has. The meaning itself is also just as fluffy as the song:
It’s a story where a couple is growing up together to hope for people to treat each other kindly. That’s cute. Honestly, this song kind of made my heart warm because it’s exactly what I want. Growing up old with someone old and hoping everyone would treat each other kindly. The song itself matches the lyrics perfectly.

Hide and Seek (Track 3) reminds me of a jungle. The sounds of the strong drums and the light sounds of other instruments don’t overpower each other. They are equally balanced and of course, it does not consume Miku’s voice at all. It’s a song I’d love to think of when I walk around in the forest where the sun shines down amongst the trees. It could also feel like a traditional folk dance where you watch people dance around the fire happily. If that doesn’t describe it too well, give it a listen and you’ll get what I’m saying.

Leucocoryne (Track 4) has a mix of old instruments and modern instruments. It’s like a childish innocent love music according to the subs:
It’s more of a song of appreciating their love and memories, so go ahead and use this as a song in your marriage. Anyway, the song is light and of course, it has that Ryuryu feel to it, just like most songs. But unlike whoo, Ryuryu’s songs may have the same kind of melody, but they aren’t too repetitive. I don’t know how he does it, but he just, does it.

So Little Time (Track 5) is a slow song, but surprisingly, it’s good for me. You probably know by now I don’t like very slow songs, but this one for some reason clicked for me. It doesn’t feel as drowsy or boring like most slow songs I know. The song’s meaning itself is of course, about time moving on. Here:
And that’s all I can say on its meaning. If I were to elaborate on why I liked this song compared to other slow songs? Perhaps although it’s slow, the song isn’t way too slow if you listened to the melody. Of course you wouldn’t notice if you just paid attention to Miku’s voice, but if you listened to the melody, the melody is not horridly slow, which probably makes a slow song not too slow.

Breathe In (Track 6) is refreshing. Just like most Ryuryu’s songs, Miku’s voice is always clear. I like the way how Ryuryu uses Miku’s voice, and I think you may agree. It doesn’t make her sound too high pitch or sound a little too dumped down. It’s just nice and soothing. It’s another slow song, perhaps slower than Track 5, but why I like it was because of the atmosphere it provides. It’s good for rainy days!

Turn That Dream (Track 7) almost fooled me and made me thought “Another slow song…?” and wrong, right after 0:40, the song ramps up from that intro, which doesn’t sound so Ryuryu-ish, yet it’s made by Ryuryu. If you’ve listened to Ryuryu a lot, you’d notice a lot of instruments that are not commonly used. This one feels like an American pop song that would hit the radio the moment the album was released. I was surprised, honestly. Sure, it does have some similar instruments from pervious songs, but this song’s focus was not on them. Instead, I can hear electronic keyboards, lots of it. Going with claps and the triangle instrument is just wonderful. Trust me; it’s not like every Ryuryu song out there.

Watercolor (Track 8) is Track 7 but toned down. Of course, I’m unsure if the meanings are similar because I couldn’t get the subs for Track 7, but the feeling is there. Here you go:
It seems the watercolor was used to record forgotten information, which makes sense. It’s like cavemen leaving marks on the wall for people in the future to research on. Yeah, the idea applies here too I suppose.

Juvenille (Track 9) is another slow song, but of course it doesn’t suddenly change the mood out of nowhere like in Track 7. Another slow love song, I guess no further elaborations are needed here:
The song does ramp up the feeling after some time, but not suddenly. I love the sounds Miku makes with the “la la la” at the back when Miku’s not singing. Usually when some songs do it, it’s a nuisance, but this one doesn’t make it a nuisance. It’s part of the melody, which is exactly how this hum should be done.

Vibgyor (Track 10) for some reason doesn’t have subs although it screams the album title. Never mind, anyway, this song is extremely slow at first. Of course, I was like “Will it strike like Track 7? Naaaaa.” Because this went on for like 1:57. Suddenly the sounds become extremely loud. Once again, if I could make an advertisement about charity, this may be the song. Or a motivation video, or something. But without subs, well, I don’t know what I can relate this to… It’s a good song because it doesn’t bore you off too much. As for the melody after the slow part, though Miku isn’t singing anymore more, her hum accompanies the song very well just like in Track 9, which is beautiful. Take note Vocaloid producers, this is how you make Miku hum to beautiful melodies.

What I don’t like

Nothing much to dislike here.

Personal Opinions

There were songs (Can’t remember which) with Miku’s voice being forced out a little. I did say Ryuryu’s usage of Miku was good, but there were parts that were just slightly uncomfortable, but thankfully, not the whole song. But it’s also in a good way because it feels more natural this way. So, just my opinion.


Need some songs to sleep with or inspiration to think? This song is a go. Recommended for people who like slow going sounds.

Should you buy this album? : Yes
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Yes
Reason: I like this album because of the originality of the songs in this album. It’s beautiful and worth my time.

For this, 4/5.

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  1. hey thanks for the review 😀 first time i give this artist a shot, very very good album indeed <3

    thanks for keep reviewing nice new stuff for us 😀

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