More Vocaloid Facts! (By: Mikuaddict)

Okay, not everyone is a Hatsune Miku fan. We all have different likes and preferences. But we must have an open mind for EVERYONE, many Vocaloid are made every year, and we all hope to see them in huge concerts like Miku’s. Though not everyone can get huge events, they may still appear around us in unexpected ways. So keep your eyes open. Vocaloid is more common then we think.

Nyan cat

Lets start from an easy one, remember nyan cat? That unexpected poptart that shot rainbows out of its back and made an unexpected huge appearance, getting millions of views in YouTube. Well… have you noticed something weird about the cat’s voice? No, its not Miku. But the song originally was made for Miku, so basically its a cover from a different Vocaloid…well not exactly a Vocaloid either. An Utau actually.

Her name is Momone Momo and she is an Utau.


Quite an unexpected thing, but back then, the internet was full for surprises and everyone loves cats. This has inspired merchandise, video games, and parodies. Nyan cat will be in our hearts and so will be in YouTube. Here was the video that broke the internet or made it:

Bee and PuppyCat 

Even if you’re a teen or an adult, you can’t escape cartoons. Cartoons are getting better and better, especially now. Some of them are huge inspections of anime culture or the cartoons we enjoyed when we were kids.

So lets talk about Larry Leichliter. This guy is truly loved because he directed one of the best cartoons that aired in Cartoon Network: “Aventure Time”. He started a new project, this time it is an internet series: Bee and PuppyCat. The series is cute and unique in its own way. But have you noticed that PuppyCat speaks in a weird, yet familiar tone? If you listen carefully, you will recognize the English Vocaloid: Oliver.


Here is a short preview of how the voice of Oliver is used in the show, also I recommend watching the series fully!

Yukari Yuzuri

Besides of being popular but not having a high pitched voice. Yukari makes Vocaloids sound more realistic! Besides having a intricate purple outfit,  her character design is in some way eye catching. If you’re a good Anime fan then you’ll recognize the art. There is a lot of praise going to an anime named “Spice and Wolf”, which is always on a recommended anime list. But guess what! Yukari was drawn by Juu Ayakura illustrator of who made “Spice and Wolf”. If you haven’t watched it now, then what are you waiting for.


First 3D concert!

After Crypton concerts that involve mostly Miku. Other companies had to step in before they were left in the dust! And a really popular green haired girl, needed her spotlight! Vocafarre was an event, that gave Vocaloids a 3D appearence, where there was no screen and Vocaloids could dance along with real people. Realistically, the Vocaloids aren’t there, but digitally added in, and seen in the screens in the left and right walls. It is also streamed on the Niconico website, where people could see the concert and their comments would appear behind the performances (not a really good idea). The video shows one of the few performances where Akikoloid has performed along with Gumi, Tone Rion or Aoki Lapis. Sadly Akikoloid, who has a great voice, was privatized and not available for the public.

Here is a duet song by Gumi and Akikoloid in Vocafarre.

Porter Robinson

And at the end we have a popular English Vocaloid that has been under our noses. Porter Robinson an American DJ, has changed his style a little, finally entering the Vocaloid world using Avanna. He was a little bit afraid, since Vocaloid was not really much accepted and he never used it before. But at the end he gained more popularity thanks to Avanna. He makes Avanna sound perfect for every song, even having concerts with this style.

Meet Avanna:


Truly his songs are really hard to explain! So why not watch the video instead:

Well, that’s all the facts for now! And look how surprising a Miku free fact article! Anyway, if you want more about your favorite Vocaloid, just comment below! Your favorite Vocaloid may have secrets, and I’ll discover them for you! Thank you and have a nice day!

  1. Yay! This was pretty cool actually. I’ve seen all of these at one point but never realized their origins. I think DJ S3rl used Avanna in one of his tracks.
    8/10 for me!

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