Vocaloid Kagamine Rin and Len V4X

This week is a great week for most of us here, going around collecting free candies and the like. But did you know that Crypton also threw in a candy into your basket? Two candies in fact. Okay cutting to the chase IT IS KAGAMINE TWINS V4X!!!!~


Koru is your article writer for this post, and here is the info for the Kagamine Twins v4x.


(Recommended Voice Range = RVR)

Rin Voice Banks                                                                

Power –  A powerful and cute yet fierce voice, 50-170BPM, RVR is F2 to E4

Warm – A Gentle and kind voice, 50-160BPM, RVR is F2 to C4

Sweet –  A Soft voice that makes use of breath effects, 55-155BPM, RVR is G2 to D4


Len Voice Banks                                                            

Power –  A a strong, powerful and fierce voice, 60-170BPM, RVR is D2 to D4

Cold – A Calm and manlier voice, 60-160 BPM, RVR is E2 to C4

Serious –  A Soft Voice similar to Rin’s v4x Sweet bank, 55-155BPM, RVR is F2 to C4


Both of the Twins will also get an English Voice bank of 55-155 BPM.(Rin’s RVR is G2 to D4 while Len’s E2 to G#3)

Tbh the Kagamine Twins was the first Vocaloids that brought me into Vocaloid and seeing them grow these past years have made me so happy :,D. (I’m borderline between the Rin/Len faction and Miku faction  with the problem of having TOO LITTLE Rin/Len songs in comparison)

Here is a demo video posted on Hatsune Miku Ch on YT, Tokyo Zombieland by WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY!

I can’t wait to see what the songwriters can pull off with these new voice banks~! Anyone else with me on this~?


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