VOCALOID MAIKA Design Contest!

Noriko Hayashi, the official illustrator of Vocaloid Maika had announced a design contest in collaboration with Akuo and Yoistyle regarding Maika’s second anniversary. The design will be featured in her artbook that will be released in the first half of 2016.

Who is this Vocaloid Maika by the way? MAIKA is a Spanish VOCALOID developed and distributed by Voctro Labs, S.L., and was released in December 2013 for the VOCALOID3 engine. 

Can’t start the contest without knowing the vocaloid, eh? Well then, on with the contest!


The theme of this year’s Maika design will be “Sky”.


  • Create a design for MAIKA inspired in the “Sky” theme. You can use the base they already had proportionated here BASE FOR SKY MAIKA CONTEST! by Noririn-Hayashi or one drawn by yourself.
  • The files have to be sent with the highest resolution possible to skymaika@hotmail.com
  • The files have to be sent in PNG format without background.
  • You can participate from today until the 10th January 2016 at 23:59 UTC/GMT + 1 hour, any entry sent later won’t be valued.


1st: MAIKA Artbook signed and dedicated, merchandising of Vocaloid MAIKA, your design will be drawn by Noriko, appearing in the artbook as one of the official designs.
2nd: MAIKA Artbook signed and dedicated, merchandising of Vocaloid MAIKA.
3rd: MAIKA artbook signed and dedicated.


  1. Only one entry per person. Once sent, modifications won’t be allowed.
  2. No age limit to participate.
  3. International level.
  4. The designs can be shown to the public before the contest ends.
  5. The designs have to be shown as clear as possible with frontal and back views at least, ¾ and profile are optional. Only allowed flat colours, gradations or patterns if they have it as well as transparences. No shadows or illumination effects in general. However, you can create additional images without these restrictions, although this won’t be valued.
  6. It’s not necessary to keep MAIKA’s original color palette.
  7. Her hair can be modified as you wish.
  8. The design can be done digitally or traditionally, in the last case it’s needed a photography or scan with high quality.
  9. The quality of the design will be valued, not the drawing itself.
  10. The winner entry may be slightly changed.
  11. Taking part in the contest means hand over exploitation and reproduction rights of the design.
  12. The judge’s decision is irrevocable.

Time to get your creativity working folks.


Source/s :
Noririn Hayashi Deviantart Blog
Vocaloid Maika Wiki

  1. “If possible, it would be nice to have your real name on the email and on the drawing, as well as your nickname ^^ The username of dA can be useful too in the email, but it’s not required uvu” – Noriko

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