Vocaloid News #1

Hey there,  Aoryn here. First of all, I would like to announce that we are trying to start up a new initiative! We will try to gather information and compile it into an article every week or so (hopefully). So to start things up, here’s what we got for article #1.


iMarine Project uploaded a new special interview featuring HachioujiP and Marty Friedman! iMarine Project also includes the likes of Kano and WakamuraP, hoping to see more released by them. If you haven’t heard about them, you can take a look at their song 「Marine Dreamin’」

M3-36 Fall 2015 is happening this weekend! One of the biggest events outside of Comiket for Doujin Music, this is one event not to be missed! There’s 2 vocaloid albums being released on the 25th that I would like to highlight though. colate will be releasing the album cup of stars! You can check out the preview below, it’s a pretty upbeat set with pretty refreshing songs.

Another album that really piqued my interest was Synergy Style Vol.5 from Sakura Records. This album would certainly satisfy your need for electronic music. As usual, artists like TSF Project, Freezer and tomoyu continue to deliver wonderful tracks. Rain (Falltune! Mix) just takes the baton from his previous song Excessive (2014 Falltune! Mix) from Synergy Style Vol.3.  Bernis‘ uplifting trance song Stars Will Rise Again, which is also included in the album and was also uploaded on his official YouTube Channel! I have to say it’s 7 minutes of everything wonderful of uplifting trance. Take a look at it below!

Synergy Style Vol.5 Crossfade:


A song featuring Hatsune Miku was uploaded by maras k! maras k, a group consisting of the pianist marasy and DJ/composer kors k released the song ‘アンラッキーガールちゃんの日録‘ just recently. Following the successful album Beat Piano Music, is this a sign for things to come? Will we see more songs featuring Vocaloids by them? We can only wait to know more.


Cover of ECHO by kradness! Have you heard the song ‘ECHO‘ by CIRCRUSH (Crusher-P & CircusP)? I would be surprised if you haven’t as it’s a highly popular song! The cover by kradness was uploaded 2 days ago to lead up to the upcoming release of KRAD PARADOX!


Well then, that’s all for this roundup. If you have any news, songs, albums or information regarding Vocaloid, feel free send them in through the contact form on the site! We will do our best to include it in. Please do leave your comments and suggestions below, as to how we could improve this, it would be much appreciated! Hope you guys will have a great weekend and I will see you some time soon!


– Aoryn

  1. Since you plan on doing a weekly round up, I guess I’ll post a site where you can get the daily ratings of utaite and vocaloid videos. It’s super helpful for keeping me up to date on my favorite artists, and I’m sure it’ll make ur job a bit easier.


  2. I think instead of just putting #1, you could maybe type up some sort of catchy name for the article then just put #1, #2, #3 so we know which one is which.

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