Vocaloid News #2

Hi there! We’re back with the second edition of the Vocaloid Weekly initiative. We have come to know of a few things since the last post. Thanks for some of the input from the first issue too, really appreciate it! Without further ado, let’s get on with what we got this week!


ATOLS released the full version of Mirai (ミライ)! Before ONE was officially released, ATOLS made a demo with the use of ONE. He has now released a full version of that song! Personally, I really love the tuning done in the song by CielP, I was really impressed by the demo and the full version just made the song even better!


H ZETT M and marasy did a duet for Senbonzakura on the piano! Do have a listen to the song when you have the time, classics never die, and will always remain relevant to all.


H.J.Freaks has made a 2015 Vocaloid Medley! There are 2 version for it, an original edition, as well as an altered edition. Though he does has a very quirky way of dressing up for performing, his bass skills are really good and I would recommend him to all Vocaloid-loving bassists! I personally feel his dressing up is just part of performing. Just a warning though, it can be NSFW at times.


FAIRYTALES Complete Edition will be out for Comiket 89! Xenon-P released a teaser for the upcoming complete edition of FAIRYTALES -Geschichte von Inferno-. In case you have missed out, the Lite Edition was released during Comiket 88! I got the album as well, and I have to say it’s really good! Looking forward to hearing more of what’s included, I will definitely be looking out for this album this December!

A new video has been uploaded by cosMo! Another upbeat and pacy song, have a listen when you have the time!


HoneyWorks will be releasing a new album in November! HoneyWorks is releasing 世界はiに満ちている on the 18th of November, you can check out the crossfade to find out more (I feel like pre-ordering it though to be honest haha, love HoneyWorks). They also uploaded a new video, with GUMI as the vocals.


This rounds it up for the week! If you have any news, songs, albums or information regarding Vocaloid, feel free send them in through the contact form on the site! We will do our best to include it in. Please do leave your comments and suggestions below, as to how we could improve this, it would be much appreciated! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and see you next time!


– Aoryn

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