Vocaloid Song-Inspired Film “Sakura no Ame”

Having a vocaloid song adapted on a book, what do you think the next step would be? Of course it’s something related to visual media. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.


This might be the most annoying question a vocaloid fan might not overcome but hey hey hey! Having a vocaloid anime series might not be far from our reach anymore. News about HoneyWorks’ song being adapted into an anime film is on hype and let’s take it as the first stepping stone of vocaloid on the anime industry. Isn’t it exciting? But before that, let’s also talk about this song “Sakura no Ame” by halyosy.

Here is the official video of the song posted by the artist:

The official website for the upcoming live-action film inspired by halyosy’s graduation-themed vocaloid song “Sakura no Ame” (Cherry Blossom Rain), originally released with Hatsune Miku’s vocals in February 2008, and its novel adaptations, has posted a teaser and a six-minute chorus version music video of the song. The video also includes a comment from Maika Yamamoto (Kaede Kayano in the Assassination Classroom live-action films) who portrays as the protagonist 16-year-old high school girl Miku and behind-the-scenes footage. The film is set for a release on March 5, in Japan’s graduation season.


“Sakura no Ame” MV:

17-year-old Maika Yamamoto, best known as Kaede Kayano in the Assassination Classroom live-action films, is cast as Miku, who is a 16-year-old high school girl in the story. It will be her first leading role in films. 23-year-old Koudai Asaka (Lesson of Evil, Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru) plays Haru, alongside 18-year-old Ryohei Horota as Len (based on Kagamine Len) and 19-year-old Ikumi Hisamatsu as Luka (based on Megurine Luka).

Maika Yamamoto as Miku:

Poster Visuals:

Cover of the novel adaptation 1st volume:

Illustration by Yu (c) Crypton Future Media, INC.www.piapro.net.
Illustration by iXima (c) Crypton Future Media, INC.www.piapro.net.

Source/s: Crunchyroll

  1. VOCALOID and ANIME, they are vastly different and have their own fan-bases.
    Honestly, i dont like the idea behind this, i was always against it and will always be.
    Though, this is my opinion…. people may think from a different perspective.

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