website downtimes


We are really sorry for frequent shut downs. The problem was on our hosting, who is currently having some issues with their servers. . It sure is annoying, that the website is down for few hours and there is nothing we can do about it. To make up, we will implement new features that gonna make you the browsing more enjoyable.

Currently, we want to improve our Request album system as the beta phase is over. Don’t worry, we noticed how much this thread is important to you and that’s why we will implement a ticket system! What does it mean for you?  You will request the album directly to us and each of you will have a conversation with our staff. Every conversation is saved and stored in our database. If any admins post you a reply, you will get notified via emails. Album request should be then handled much more efficient and user-friendly.

Thank you for your patience and that your  belief in MikuDB is not fading!



  1. I was scared a few times but I didn’t lose faith~X”D
    It may have been down a few times but we still love you~! X3

    The ticket system seems like a cool new idea. I hope there are enough staff members to go around for this new idea! :O
    I have a few thought on the ticket system though.

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