The website is making good progress! Yay!

Hey guys!
It’s time for another update on the progress the website is making.
But at first I’d like to thank Yun for his unbelieavable effort he is putting into making the website a more enjoyble place! Also a huge thank you to hexor22 and KuroxReaper for their daily album entrys and of course to all of the other helpers involved in the project!

Since the last time I wrote an update a whole lot has changed, and I’d like to guide you through the biggest changes the website has undergone up until now.

1. Charts section and rating system:

We want to keep navigation through the tons of albums we already have listed as easy and as informative as possible. So one change was renaming the “Most Popular” section to the “Charts” section.
You will still find the most popular albums here; but now that we added the option of rating albums, the average of your ratings will be reflected in the overall rating an individual album has. And if an album is thought of as really good by most of the people, it will eventually appear on either the “All time highest rating” or the “Weekly highest rating” table, or both.

2. Keeping your album suggestions clean

Sick of an album always showing up in the “You may also like” section, which is directly underneath the main albums information? Well now you can get rid of specific albums in this section by clicking on the little head icon you’ll find right above the suggested albums. A “X” sign will appear on the top right corner of each album cover, allowing you to delete the ones you don’t want to see anymore.
How to do it:
Step 1:
step 1
Step 2:
step 2


3. Our team and social interaction

No, MikuDB won’t become the Facebook of Vocaloid quite yet. But it is always nice to get to know the team a bit better, isn’t it?
Well, check out the “our team” section, if you are interested in that kind of stuff. You will find a list of staff members and helpers, which are all helping to make MikuDB as enjoyable as possible. Click on a member’s name and you will be redirected to his profile. Here you will see the activity of the helper and other interesting stuff.

What’s next?

We actually already have tons of ideas what we could do to improve the website further and are always interested in hearing your suggestions, too! But right now we are trying to get as many albums listed as possible, which obvliously is the fundamental thing of a “database”.
All functions and features up until now should already be plenty for enjoying the website, but always be ready to find new features here and there 🙂

We also have a quite big announcement to make in the not-so-far future. So stay tuned!

– Yukidoke

PS: We are aware that some of you really dislike the 4shared links and we’re sorry! There is a plan on making a team which will be in charge of making mirrors for albums wich only have one link, so that you will have the choice between multiple hosters to download from! Although, this will take some time to fulfill.

  1. Wow, I have to say that’s really awesome. But somehow the search function is still pretty lacking compared to the old one (like cross references from artists, composers, vocaloid vocals, titles, publishers, etc.). On the other hand, I like the new face of MikuDB; it’s rather cleaner than the old version. Good luck on the recovery effort, VintageLewis-sama!

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