Welcome to the new home of MikuDB.

MikuDB.com is past, long live .moe!

A lot was going on concerning MikuDB in the last few months and you probably noticed how a brand new project is in the works over at mikudb.com. This is not to be confused with us!
Our priority is to resurrect the MikuDB that was originally led by Zaku-dono. Together with the support from well-known and also new members of our Facebook group, we carry on the will and all the hard work which was needed to build up this awesome community during the past years.

This is the biggest update the website has ever undergone and with it there are many new features I’d like you to check out.
We had several polls going on asking you what you’d like to see on the website. We combined the most popular ones with our own ideas and are really happy with the result!

Some of the new features are:

  • The possibility to create an own account. This will allow you to interact with people on the site or add and manage own content.
  • Own profile dashboard with Status wall and private message system
  • Video category: This category is dedicated to the communities favourite videos.
  • Easy way to add complete albums and videos by yourself to the database
  • Anything unclear? Get help in our new help center!

Also, we need new staff members!

  • Facebook page admin
  • Video moderator
  • Album moderator

This is it from me. I hope you enjoy our website and discover many new songs, producers and artists. Because that’s what MikuDB is for ūüôā

– Yukidoke

Yun, our technical admin will be taking the time to explain the way the features work in the following part:

Hello guys I’m the one responsible for the website. I would like to answer ¬†your feedbacks that we received during the 2 months of beta launching. We really appreciate your concern and that you are willing to help us with everything as much as you can.



Currently, we redesigned the web so it looks more fancy and comfy. Due to unforeseen technical issues I wasn’t able to finish the design. Mostly, you can see that the Top menu and the header are not in sync. The top menu gonna be positioned on top and more visible for everyone.



The videos are currently in testing phase and that is why there is no filter or sort function. It takes more time to finish a filter script for it as it has to be a complete separate one from albums. But he will definitely come as the site progress more and more videos are added.



The comment system was disbled for albums before because we didn’t know if it was a good idea. Comment systems lead to flame war, flame wars lead to hates. For now, we will enable it and let’s see what will happen. We added facebok comment system inside it as a bonus. The comment system is still not quite something I have imagined but I will stick to it for now.

The crossfades were added already and it is up to our “Helpers” (staff members in team who are responsible for indexing albums) whether they gonna use it or not. Also with this, We started to specify the bitrates inside albums and if they are not correct or were changed (since we are indexing mostly old ones and are not publishing our releases), please report it.


Cross-reference search function 

We already have this function and maybe you just don’t know. It is called the album filter and you can cross your references. ¬†It was quite a pain to make it and run it.


Im already investigating about this feature and it might be really soon possible to launch it. Right now, im testing on our test websites.



Together with the official launch, MikuDB torrent will also launch. Stay tuned for more!


Maybe instead of just having the link to “vocadb.net” you could actually link the actual album pages? I’m not sure why you wouldn’t do that to begin with? Either link the actual album pages or put on YOUR pages where to buy the album if it’s buyable.

Please check the left side of each album. There should be a link to the official page and¬†for the purchase link, it is actually also there.( “Support the artist, buy the album here!”)


All other question we would like to answer in our help center for our members. Feel free to contact us whenever you want to.


That is it from me! Have fun and hope you guys will like the new website like we does.


  1. welcome to a new world mikudb with moe (ness)
    will be remembered as your birthday
    hope this site will stay live forever :v

  2. Everything was fine with the new design until you used circle profile icons. Change them back to squares.

    Other than that, yay this is going to be a website I check everyday again.

    • Hello! If you mean the comment section, where it is as circles, it is because I reverted into old version and I gonna work on that. The comment section should be reworked very soon. Thanks for your feedback!

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