years (Review by Deathspark)

Let’s see, this 37th album is just called, years. Judging from the track list itself, it does has that theme to it. I have no idea who this artist is and I wonder what kind of things are ahead of me  in this album. By looking at its whopping 31 tracks with 2 discs, this may probably be a long article, but that’s just my prediction if I have a lot to talk about.

Album: years
Genre: Calm, Rock
Tracks: 31 Tracks (2 discs)
Song Highlight:

From the intro itself, years –prologue- (Track 1) [Disc 1], I have a feeling it may be a calm album, a guess since the album cover looked sorrowful, but I can’t say much until I really listened to the whole album now can’t I?

What I like

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but none of the songs impressed me. Therefore, read whatever I have to say in the next section.

What I don’t like

Most of the songs here don’t tickle my fantasy unfortunately. Yes, you can argue with me whoo almost has the same style and I’m a sucker for him, but this artist’s style is a little different. Something just made me, not like it? I tried to like the style, but I just felt like something was wrong when listening to the songs. However, I can say a few things about certain songs.

I’ll sum up that most of the songs either have a not so good tuning with the Vocaloid’s voice, monotonous, and I must say, I felt like I was listening to a lot of identical songs with slight variations in each song. Yes, argue with me again that whoo may have done that, but at the very least, I can feel something from the song. But from this album, I honestly felt nothing. In fact, it was very boring.

April (Track 5) [Disc 1] caught me really good at the beginning, but just went downhill afterwards, sadly… I was expecting something to blow me away, guess sometimes expectations can be cut short very quickly.

And that’s pretty much it… For disc 1. Yeah, the songs aren’t extremely horrible however.

Did disc 2 do any better? Well, not so much really… I seriously tried my best to like any of the songs, but it just couldn’t hit me hard enough, not even a bit. I have a feeling whereby I’m constantly asking myself, “Why am I still going on…?” The songs don’t even feel any different from the original except for the fact that there are more instruments, but that does not change the fact that they are still a little dull to me. I’ll be honest here, if I was judging from my random Rating Pending section (I will elaborate someday) I’d skip most of the songs VERY quickly. They were just that boring to me.

To the very last song, December (Track 12) [Disc 2], I seriously had my hopes up the moment I heard the beginning of the song. I told myself, “This is probably the song I will love, yes, at least one song from the album!” But I didn’t learn from my previous mistake didn’t I? Oh well… Guess this album will be a huge shut down and a bash by me.


This album does not bode well for me, but that does not mean it will not bode well for you. I may recommend this if you like very slow songs or some mellow rock, or this artist’s style.

Should you buy this album? : 40% (I guess…?)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : No way. (5%)

I swear, if I had to pick an album other than this, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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    • Well not for me, unfortunately. I honestly tried to like at least one song from the entire album, unfortunately none of them made me wow or feel anything, in other words, it wasn’t good enough for me to like. Sorry, but if you liked it, that’s fine. I simply don’t have similar tastes to everyone in the world!

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