February’s report

Image courtesy of Nokuhashi. Source. Hey peeps, Kyro here. Last month, the DBteam has uploaded 16 new entries, fixed the links to 38 entries, and standardised 102 entries. If you’d like to see precisely what changed, please visit the #mdb_log channel on our Discord server.   >Hey Kyro, what’s up? Hey, first of all, sorry […]

Donation Up!

Image courtesy of kzhs/yoru. Source   Hey folks, Kyro here. The time has come. We are finally opening up to donations again. If you’d like to donate to the database, please contact the Secretary at @tsuyori#8818. Bear in mind that the transaction may take a while as Tsuyori may be busy at the time. Also, […]

January’s Report

Image courtesy of Mamemena. Source here. January’s Report: Hey nerds, Kyro here. Last month, the DBteam has uploaded 44 new entries, fixed the links to 36 entries, and standardised 58 entries. If you’d like to see precisely what changed, please visit the #mdb_log channel on our Discord server. As promised, the DBteam was a little […]

MikuDB Community Survey

Image courtesy of haru431, you can find it here. Kyro here. Now that I have baited your attention with an image of a sad Miku, let’s get right to into the content. >Hey Kyro, what’s this? I was told to put more effort in acquiring inquiries, so I made a Google Form for you fine […]

December’s Report

Image article courtesy of Ikari. Source. Twitter. Hola, Kyro here. Last month, the DBteam has uploaded 27 new entries, fixed the links to 143 entries, and standardised 233 entries. If you’d like to see precisely what have changed, please visit the #mdb_log channel on our Discord server. The number above is better than our November’s […]


Image courtesy of Mr.Bob. Original. Also featured on a song called Creator’s Real. Hey peeps, Kyro here. I decided to add in another responsibility for myself to the database, and that is writing a report highlighting and summarising the DBteam’s monthly progress as well as sharing out on what’s going on. So let’s get right […]

Full Length Damage Report

Source of artwork is from Mr.Wokada. Hey peeps, Kyro here. About a month ago or two, I promised to write a damage report on the database after it spent about a year or so being down. Well just to get it out there, the reason as to why it took so long to publish is […]

Damage Report TL:DR version

Source of artwork is from Mr.Wokada. Compressed to hell and back. Hey peeps, Kyro here. Damage report time. Images, gone. Accounts, gone. Making new accounts, nope. Workpower, slashed. Trust, loss. See you peeps later.

First words from the newly elected Head Admin.

Source of artwork is from Saikka. Though the actual source has been deleted.   Hey peeps, Kyro here. As you may know, and probably much to your chagrin, I am now the Head Admin of Mikudb. Not much to comment on that, just felt the need to reiterate it to make it obvious that I […]

Last word from the old Head admin of MikuDB

  Many of you may know me under the name Yun. I was the head admin past Zaku-dono era (mikudb.com) and was responsible for mikudb.moe (current version). Just like he once ended and passed the torch to me, it is now my time to pass the torch again to a new head admin – Kyrozen. […]

MikuDB T-shirts selling again!(Reworked design)

Hello everyone! We are sorry for the troubles that happened with the second wave of T-shirts. The reason behind the canceling of orders was, because we were still not satisfied with the front logo. With help of a professional artist from Japan (Asa Akisaki, big thanks to him!). The Miku that is displayed on the […]

Article Section is Recruiting!

Hello everyone! It’s the Article Section admin, RenegadeMizu, asking for a bit of help. As you might’ve noticed, the rate of articles being published on MikuDB has gotten significantly lower as of recent. A lot of our article writers have been quite busy with school and life (including me, unfortunately :/) , and we could really […]

“Choose your album” event and T-shirt information!

Choose your album, we gonna publish it! We would like to happily announce that MikuDB is back in the exact shape like it was before. Thanks to the hard work of the new team members and the community, we managed to restore all the missing album covers and fix alot of broken links. While the […]

MikuDB Official Discord Server Announcement

Hello guys! We are pleased to announce that we now have a Discord Server for you guys. In case you guys don’t know yet, Discord it is a software similar to Skype and Teamspeak where you may chat with everyone present in the Server either via Text or Voice.   Reasons to join: You get […]

MikuDB Community Section Staff Recruitment

Hello MikuDB members. Today I, the Community Section Admin, would like to announce that we are hiring people to help us in the Community Section. There are three things to take care of in the Community Section. The first one being comments on MikuDB, the second is our MikuDB Facebook Page and thirdly is our […]

Must Know MikuDB Basics (By Ali60351)

Hello guys! I am the Community Section Admin. Today I want to teach you some basic things that will save your time as well as make things faster. Let us get started without further delay.   Reporting broken links A lot of people already know this but a lot of you guys don’t. If you […]

MikuDB Album Section Staff Recruitment

Hello, today I, as the head of admin of albums section, would like to announce to our members out there that we are hiring (Album Section) staff. As you know by this post,  there’s going to be huge changes coming to how MikuDB is going to work from now on. Introduction To start with, there’s going to […]