Classic Vocaloid Works: “Do Vocaloids Dream of Doomsday Birds” by / Album Review by Petridisch

Hello there everyone out in MikuDB-land! Petridisch here bringing some focus back to some ‘vintage’ and truly classic Vocaloid albums. Today I’ll be ‘discussing’ the major-label debut of the fairly famous and highly respected producer, Expertly titled “Do Vocaloids Dream of Doomsday Birds?”, this year-2000 release absolutely blew my head off upon hearing it […]

sasakure.UK Announces New Up-Coming Album!

sasakure.UK has announced a new album called Fukashigi Monoyukasy, it is the sequel to Makamaka Monomonosy! sasakure.UK is well known for hits such as MobiRe Sensation (featuring Rin Kagamine), *Hello,Planet. and Nijiiro*Adventure (featuring Miku Hatsune) It is currently available for pre-order for 3700JPY (that’s about $30 States side) and will be released December 2nd, 2015! Just in time for Christmas!! There […]