Our team consists of people who are closely tied to the community and have willing to devote a huge amount of their free time to help out on this site to make this site constantly active by churning out new albums and updating old ones, also always pushing out interesting articles and news and making sure that the community is always happy.

MikuDB is currently working with a system that revolves around three sections;

 – Album Section, which is in charge of indexing every album, fixing and updating broken tags, covers, information and anything related to albums on the site.

 – Article Section, which is in charge of writing and producing articles, news, reviews, interviews and more that is related.

 – Community Section, which is in charge of moderating all MikuDB’s social channels and making sure everything is active.

MikuDB is an ever-evolving community and site. We are always looking for fresh blood to join us. You can apply by contacting us.