Another One

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    • Tracklist:
      1. Trick Star(EMZ Mashup)
        hibariP feat. IA
      2. Awakeness (shintaro Remix)
        shintaro feat. IA
      3. むかえにゆくよ(RDH Remix)
        Radianth feat. 初音ミク, IA
      4. 風鈴 ~Love is You~(Mari Remix)
        Mari feat. IA
      5. Forget me not ~忘れな草~(7th Colour's Deep Remix)
        7th colour's deep feat. 初音ミク, IA
      6. 風鈴 ~Love is You~ (Shintaro Remix)
        shintaro feat. IA
      7. In the rain(I'm here) (7th colour's deep remix)
        7th colour's deep feat. 初音ミク, IA
      8. あいあむひあ (Original Punch Mix)
        shintaro, hibariP feat. IA
      9. むかえにゆくよ(Simakaze Mix)
        hibariP feat. 初音ミク, IA

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