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    • Tracklist:
      1. Can We Talk (4:06)
        EmpathP feat. DAINA
      2. A Wicked Girl and a Tin Boy (4:54)
        EmpathP feat. DEX, DAINA
      3. Two Weeks (3:45)
        EmpathP feat. DEX
      4. Life on Color (3:20)
        EmpathP feat. YUU, KYO, WIL
      5. Her Name Was Holly (2:59)
        EmpathP feat. DEX
      6. G.A.S.P. (3:34)
        EmpathP feat. CYBER SONGMAN
      7. A Banshee Named 42 (4:11)
        EmpathP, CYO Style feat. Clara
      8. Parallel Lines (1:39)
        EmpathP feat. 巡音ルカ V4X English (Soft), 巡音ルカ V4X English (Straight)
      9. Bye Bye Cynical Bookworm (4:42)
        EmpathP, Makkusan feat. ヴィキーホッパー
      10. Left Behind (3:44)
        EmpathP feat. DEX, DAINA
      11. Doors (4:56)
        EmpathP, CircusP feat. DEX, DAINA

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