IA In The Colorful Worldz

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MEGA (M4A 256)

    • Tracklist:
      1. Christmas Party! (feat. Sakura Yu & grief art)
      2. cool drive (feat. akatsuki kyo)
      3. Rosh exeption (feat. Cloa)
      4. Black wind (feat. Shirukawa)
      5. Stars in the sky (feat. +LiO+)
      6. Mirage (feat. tgs1999)
      7. A Boat That Floats And Shooting Star (feat. Takenoko Shonen)
      8. Word (feat. NGC222)
      9. Road Liner (feat. Hutaba Tara)
      10. Sink To Love (feat. myremy)
      11. Madder Piace (feat. Shirai Kurako)
      12. Time To Leave (feat. Sora)
      13. Tears Likely To Overflow (feat. Senmu)

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