EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Entrance Dream Music (Review by Deathspark)

32nd album, this time I’m reviewing an album very familiar and comfortable to me. EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Entrance Dream Music is full of songs that will fulfill my electronica needs, or EDM I guess? We have a mix and match with the best of the best (I think…) here so I’m not going to elaborate any further, let’s see what this baby’s got!

Album: EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Entrance Dream Music
Genre: Electronica/Dance/Techno
Link: http://et-edm.com/01/
Tracks: 17 Tracks
Song Highlight: Killer Lady (Track 1), Crystalline (Track 3), ラブチーノ (Track 6), てんしょう しょうてんしょう (Track 8), KURENAI BEAT (KYOTO mix) (Track 13), 女言葉の消失 (Track 16)

No intros, but a familiar face, for me that is.

What I like

That familiar face would be Killer Lady (Track 1) by Hachioji-P. Yes, this instant classic hit my 5 star once, not today I suppose. But it still has that killer style to it, which is wonderful. I like the way Gumi’s voice was used in a very low tone, which brings the song out even more because just in case you didn’t know, I’ve mentioned many times about Hachioji’s songs being similar, Gumi’s voice in this song changes that. It’s almost a huge contrast and I love it.

Crystalline (Track 3) by CIRCRUSH blew my expectations away. Remember in the previous album review I mentioned Vocaloids aren’t really very ready for English songs? Well, this song says otherwise. I can somehow understand Gumi properly and the song itself doesn’t let down. Combine two powerful elements and you get this song. Yeah, it’s a little slow you tell me, but the power. You can feel the power of the song by listening to it just once, not to mention Gumi’s beautiful voice complements perfectly with the song. This is a song I’d gladly use anytime if there is any convention that needs a song, well, here you go.

ラブチーノ[Rabuchino based on Google Translate] (Track 6) is an example of Junky’s great works. What? You don’t know whose Junky? Well, just in case, Junky’s been around for a long time, like, ever since my first time discovered Miku, which is a long time ago (5 years approx, I think… It’s 2016 now so…). Google up ZIGG ZAGG, yeah, that old. Anyway, this song is no different. This is Junky’s style and I love it. Junky always has a way to make the Vocaloid’s voice sweet, and it doesn’t hurt my ears, which is good because certain songs have voices that are too sweet, you can’t even listen to it seriously.

てんしょう しょうてんしょう[Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho] (Track 8) byきくお (Kikuo) is bloody good. The song has this bloodbath feeling mixed with some dubstep, which is good alongside with Miku’s eerie voice. However, this isn’t the first time I hear Miku go full Yandere mode. This song has that bloodbath murder song which I can imagine just by listening to it just once. It’s eerie listening to it and I would like this song to be played if I am murdering countless undeads because for some reason, this song is perfect for it.

KURENAI BEAT (KYOTO mix) (Track 13) by yuukis is beautiful. Why? I don’t get many traditional music mixed up with electronica. There are, I know, but not many, especially with Vocaloid. This song made me shiver all over. It’s so pumped and at the same time, it retains the traditional instruments which is beautiful, yet strong. The Vocaloid is, I’m not sure honestly… I tried to guess, but that doesn’t help… Most importantly, this song is splendid and now I know another song to add to my traditional/electronica collection.

女言葉の消失 [The Disappearance of Woman Words based on Google Translate, this is ridiculous, I know…] (Track 16) is by Sota Fujimori and away from the Vocaloid scene, I know Sota Fujimori has made a lot of songs for video games like Beatmania or Sound Voltex, so I already know his style a lot. This song is no different. If you listened to a lot of Sota Fujimori, this song will definitely give you that jumping feeling, just like every other Sota Fujimori song. Anyway, back to this song, it seems that Sota Fujimori’s style goes well with Vocaloid with all the electronica and Gumi’s voice going perfectly well together. Well done, I’m not a huge sucker for Sota Fujimori, but that does not mean he can’t make good music.

What I don’t like

There are not a lot of bad songs, just, not overwhelming ones. Of course, this does not mean this album is perfect, I will only state the worst of the worst or which songs I do need to talk about.

Over The Rainbow (Track 7) is, quite horrendous… 1 minute and 22 seconds of wub wub blender action, REALLY?! The song is called Over The Rainbow, and all I hear is, wub wub wub for like 1 minute? You’ve gotta be kidding me! I was like wondering “Is this even a song…?” and after that part, I was already bored, not interested in the later parts, not even enough for me to change my mind on this song.

FREELY TOMORROW (Track 12) is not featured in what I like? Big news, oh my, and yes, I am not surprised at all because I am no fan of Mitchie M. Yes, there are a plenty of diehard Mitchie fans out there, I’m not one of them. So before you go half mad at me, I’ll just say, Mitchie M is not my cup of tea, this song isn’t bad, it’s not for me.


This song packs a punch with loads of EDM and electronica, highly recommended for party goers with plenty of things to try.

Should you buy this album? : Probably (60%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Probably (60%)

This album can hit hard with decent tracks in it. I’d give it a proper 4 stars, though it has songs, there are quite a number of highlights.

    • I know, but I try not to always depend on other sources, but please share it if you can correct me, it’s better for everyone to see! 🙂 I make mistakes too.

    • Like I said, I’m not Mitchie fan, so don’t obliterate me XDXD Though, I won’t say his songs are bad, just, I’m not a fan of his style ^^;

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