Featured Video Of The Week #5

Guys, I’m sorry that Thursday I couldn’t post a video, it was mostly internet access issue, so I decided to type 2 featured video articles on a Sunday and schedule this for Thursday. I will be doing articles that way to make things easier on me. This week I have chosen the Miku Expo 2016 theme song Blue Star. I will probably end up doing a fan compilation on this concert eventually most likely because not all Miku Concerts are made into albums and I’m not exactly patient for Concert Albums. Now back to the video itself.

The video is a very straight to the point, no intro to the actual music, just straight in. This is not my type of music, which was my first thought for a couple secs. before the song changed to my liking. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it completely, but check the video out for yourself! I’ve downloaded the song in mp3 format for myself to enjoy whenever as I have all the other featured videos (yes even Hachune). I would say this is part EDM because a friend said so. (Though he asked me why I listen to Miku. I feel offended because of the way he said it.) Anyways I really enjoyed it so I give it a 3 out of 5, I preferred the song Sharing the World song of Miku Expo 2015. 

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Happy Holidays


P.S. Don’t kill me I know it’s only November

  1. The song reminds of hachioujiP’s early works and it’s totally superb.
    I also dled it as 256mp3.
    Im always into vocal stuffs or acoustics rather than instrumental things. So when i listen songs, i care more about vocals..yes you’d say im weird but that’s how i am.
    And as always, the vocal always drags me to keep listening.
    So, i’ll give the song “5”.

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