Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu Album Review

This was my first Miku album that I bought, and it features my favourite style of her; glitchy software, full of viruses, broken disc… I’ve done some rambling, so if you’re not up for it, just go ahead and give this album a try.





New World

This song really sets the scene for what the rest of the album will be all about. The piano going crazy in the background, the great guitar moments and the fast pace. Miku’s vocals add to the song, but there are no lyrics, allowing the song to be a pure showcase of what is yet to come and ends with Miku welcoming us into the New World.

Let’s Play with Hatsune Miku!!

This could be Miku’s theme song. My favourite style of Miku is when she embraces her software identity, and this song really sets that picture up, opening with Miku’s installation welcome message. It’s such a joyful song with a thrilling guitar and organ solo in the midst of Miku’s desire to sing and be happy with her composers. “Happy song!!”

While this song fits in with the theme perfectly, it has quite a bittersweet sound about it. It’s lovely, quiet, a little bit sad with the piano with Miku’s voice going hand in hand, soon with a soft beat that comes in to tie it in with the rest of the album.

The Rampage of Hatsune Miku

Back to the upbeat sound we love, we’re suddenly plunged into a fast paced track. It boasts pretty fast singing to a great beat that is defined by background trumpets and horns, which is always a bonus. It showcases another great guitar solo which takes a back seat as Miku shouts about eating leeks, which is still hilarious.

The Confusion of Hatsune Miku

Another great song that fits perfectly into the album. This song features insane fast singing, a fun melody, great sound effects such as Miku’s distorted voice, and a groovy rewind clip that throws you right back into the song for more.

Division→Desctruction of Hatsune Miku

Like it’s name, this song has a slightly darker tone to the rest of the album but still manages to carry the style perfectly, the same fast beat and intense singing. It even features Miku append, which ties in with the story going on in the album. Even when the chorus comes in with an upbeat key, there’s a great moment where Miku’s voice is completely distorted.

Goodbye World of Common Sense

This one has such a great and fantastic opening, and for that reason, it’s definitely one of the best songs on the album. The retro game-style opening carries on throughout the song, which is fantastic as I can’t seem to get enough. It even delights you with a little retro solo halfway through the song. It goes brilliantly with the trumpets in the background and with Miku’s voice.


A little different from the other songs, this is a more scattered and almost acts as a break away from the usual pop song we’ve heard so far. However, it still delivers and acts as a defining song as what is already a wonderful album.

The Death of Hatsune Miku

A somewhat childish opening with a xylophone and then a more serious harpsichord, which is surprisingly delightful. It has a slightly different feel about it and is on a slightly more care-free level than the other songs. It’s got a lot going on in it, but it only adds to the album to create a more detailed picture of Miku.

The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

I won’t say too much about this for obvious reasons, only if I wasn’t already convinced that I adored Miku. This song nailed it home for me. It is still one of my top favourites, and the song itself just embodies everything I love about Vocaloids.


Similar to other songs in the album where Miku goes off on one on her own over the music, this song totally delivers a somewhat darker themed song entwined with crazy, off the wall melodies, instruments and distorted sound effects. It’s short and sweet, and a great addition to the album.

This one is similar to New World, and could be sort of like a reprise, which is great because I could listen to these songs over and over. But it does take on a shape of its own, giving us even more and, with more distorted sound effects and fast paced singing, I just can’t seem to get enough of this album. The chorus is delightful, and Miku’s voicebanks are so soft and they glide over each note wonderfully, rounding off the whole song really well.

Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku

There’s literally nothing to say about this song that hasn’t already been said. All I will say is that, if you want to introduce or prove to someone how fantastic Vocaloid is, use this song.

Pale Yellow Milestone

A more of a gentle song, I think this one is a great closing song for one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. It’s beautifully done, and really cheerful and fun.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this album. It’s bright, brilliant and everyone should give it a whirl.

– CeresMongrel



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