[Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X] Songs Update (2015/10/22)

Harro there~ Koru’s your article writer of today(maybe tomorrow)

Sega has released new info for the upcoming Project Diva game on the 22nd of October~!

Here are the few new songs~


1.Song of Love by Lamaze-P




A cute and cheery song that is very fitting of being a Lamaze-P song, the module include with this song is V3, illustrated by iXima



2.Patchwork Staccato by toa



A light-hearted sounding song with a lyrics heavier than it seems. You can find the lyrics here.

The module is pizzicato by amemura, very lovely model.


3.The Lost One’s Weeping by neru



Sorry if i sound bias but ITS NERUUUUUUUUU.

No but seriously, it is good precisely because it is neru.

But there ARE people who dislike neru’s songs for his voice usage.

It’s either a hit or a miss ;w;.

Module is Astray by 456.


4, Nounai Kakumei Girl by Maretu



Module: AMBI Cordova Lenz by MinoruShima


5.Mrs.Pumpkin Comedic Dream by Hachi




My country doesn’t celebrate Halloween sadly, I find her module very cute too…(Hachi did the module too, Pumpkin Dream)

– – – – –


How are your thoughts on these new songs? Feeling the hype yet? Don’t forget to leave a comment~! 🙂

  1. i was amazed the moment i heard they included ‘愛の詩’ and ツギハギスタッカート and i love other songs as well.
    But…man…what do i say about modules?
    When i first saw those modules, the very moment i ordeded a PS4.
    This is my 2nd time i bought a console after PSP…and the reason is the same.

  2. I just bought a PSVita Last Year and Bought both Project Diva F and F 2nd and Next year there’s going to be Project Diva X!!! Man Buying a Vita sure is paying off :3 Good thing i bought my PSVita just to play my Cute little sister’s songs :3

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