Hatsune Miku Themed Marriage Registration Papers Makes Your Miku Love With Your Partner Official

Do you and your special partner share your a passion and love for Hatsune Miku as much as you do for each other? When the time comes to make your life-long relationship official, your love for Miku can also be made official at the same time with new official Hatsune Miku themed marriage registration papers.

In a collaboration with Japan’s Marriage Registration Works, you can now buy designer marriage registration forms featuring gorgeous artwork of Hatsune Miku in a wedding gown, illustrated by KEI (full illustration here). There are two color options available, both costing 3900 Yen each: Loving Bride Blue, and Loving Bride Pink.

That’s not all that’s special with these designer papers! The “witness” field will receive a signature and seal from Crypton Future Media, the creators of Hatsune Miku. There’s also fields where you and your partner each can put your favorite song to be saved as a special memory. Lastly, any orders that have the numbers “3” or “9” in the order number will receive a special clear file with KEI’s illustration. Winning this is pure luck!


If you’re considering this then congrats! And I bet some are wanting to marry Miku with this. Not judging.

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