KARENT presents Hopeful Snow feat. 初音ミク

Stepping foot on the 29th album, I was requested to do this apparently, and so I did because I saw the magical word “Yuxuki Waga”. Oh really now, I did not notice Yuxuki Waga was in this album, and that means, time to review! What? Oh, of course I noticed all the albums you guys suggested. In fact, they are in my hitlist and will be reviewed later on! I do listen, so please comment so I’d know. If I forget, go ahead and remind me. Anyway, about this album, KARENT presents Hopeful Snow feat. 初音ミク, we’re slipping back into winter huh? Let’s go then!

Album: KARENT presents Hopeful Snow feat. 初音ミク
Genre: Various
Link: http://www.amazon.co.jp/KARENT-presents-Hopeful-feat-%E5%88%9D%E9%9F%B3%E3%83%9F%E3%82%AF-%E9%9B%AA%E3%83%9F%E3%82%AF/dp/B00T7ZLBMK
Tracks: 6 Tracks
Song Highlight: Journey (Track 5) by Yuxuki Waga and Snow Fairy Story Acoustic guitar ver. (Track 6) byおさむらいさん (Mr Samurai based on Google Translate)

What I like

Journey (Track 5) by Yuxuki Waga (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH JOURNEY BY RYURYU) is an example of a song I easily overlooked while I was scrambling around my albums. This song was already in an album called “AND AWAKE” and yes, that reminds me to talk about it later. Anyway, I’ll review this first yeah? This song is slow, yes, but I like how the different elements in the song make me feel something, it made me feel, something… Does it fit winter, I guess, Yuxuki Waga’s style is usually like this, I’m not surprised. I think I removed this song out of my collection while running my elimination mode… I sent this to the “Calm” section in my playlist right after that.

Snow Fairy Story Acoustic guitar ver. (Track 6) byおさむらいさん (Mr Samurai) is somehow, better than the original song. Yes, I said I didn’t like 40mp’s style, but this song, feels way different. Yes, it’s just guitar, but I like how it feels powerful and if you didn’t tell me the original song, I’d still enjoy this song anyway. For some reason, this has more energy than the original song. Is it because of the strums? The high pitched bass? I don’t know, it was just, better… *Went back to listen to the original*

What I don’t like

Okay, I know I’ll get debated on all of the songs I did not talk about, so I’ll explain why I did not like these songs.

Snow Fairy Story (Track 1) by 40mp is like I said previously in my Snow Miku comparison, I did not like 40mp’s style, yes, fire me all you want, I just, can’t feel it. Seriously! 40mp is not for me, so that’s all I can say. I feel like Miku’s voice isn’t emphasized a lot, which is sad because I bet if Miku’s voice could be heard more, it would’ve been better, though I’m not sure if I will like it or not. Yeah sure, it’s like the hot stuff when it came out, people were like “Yeah, this song was great!” but I was like “Snow Song Show did better!” Yup, you heard me, I have fired my shots.

ゆらゆら (Wobbling based on Google Translate) (Track 2) by mato is a bit too slow, and I’ve said this many times, I have a problem with horrendously slow songs, so there you go.

The Au Lait (Track 3) by Lemm is acceptable, but not good enough for me to like. I can feel the theme, but Lemm’s style is, slightly, dimmed down, somehow? I don’t know how to explain this, but if you listened to a lot of Lemm already (Like I did) you’d realize songs by Lemm are usually long, puts you in dreamland and of course, not meant for you to party.

ねがい (Wish based on Google Translate) (Track 4) by てぃあら (Tiara), Jun and Studio Tiara [Honestly, this is what I saw in this album description, Tiara and Studio Tiara…? Is there a difference?] once again, just feels lackluster and slow. It just didn’t get me, it was a little too weak I’d say.


If you liked Snow Fairy Story, consider it. If you want something for winter, this may work.

Should you buy this album? : I guess…? (45%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : A huge no (5%)

You see… I can get the song Journey from AND AWAKE easily, and though the bass cover of Snow Fairy Story is good, I just can’t find anything that makes me say “I NEED THIS”

3/5, at least the songs didn’t insult my ears.

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