Light Falls (Review by Deathspark)

5th album review, yay! Oh boy I’m excited for this. One of my favorite composers is definitely Yuxuki Waga and this album here is beautiful. There’s even one song I desperately need a translation on (sadly nobody translated it at all) but someone did tell me what it pretty much meant so I’ll tell you about it later.
NOTE: My reviews are opinion based. I’m not always right. Not everyone enjoys the exact same thing.
Oh, and I’ll usually give it one time listens, one shot. So, if a song doesn’t make me go yay, it doesn’t get into the Song Highlight, so yeah now you know how I work.

Album : Light Falls
Link :
Genre : Calm
Tracks : 8
Song Highlight : All songs including intro except Oval –Leggysalad Remix- (Track 8)

The intro immediately scored me goosebumps. It felt so good, it’s just piano god damn it! It kind of makes you feel like you are at ease, like; you are in the forest as you watch everything move slowly around you. It’s beautiful, and I’d like to die happily like that.

What I like

Light Falls just like the album name itself feels very warm. It feels soothing and it can put me to sleep if I’m not careful. Miku’s voice isn’t too high pitched (If you realized my reviews so far had been cutesy high pitched Mikus). This calm and soothing voice makes me feel relaxed and calm. Please don’t drive with this song because when it happened to me, I almost fell asleep, don’t do this.

Contrail has a happier feel to it. No it does not put me to sleep too easily this time. This one has a faster tempo and pacing so it makes you happy. Have I ever mentioned about that feeling in the forest? Now, imagine you running across the forest. You are seeing butterflies and birds as you move. Beautiful, am I right? Yeah, it’s what’s happening when you listening to the song. It’s so, happy, beautiful, soothing, and, I don’t know if I’m going to make a video about happy people running in the forest, I’ll choose this.

Cuesta, Miku isn’t singing this time. Is it good? Yes. Have I mentioned that a song almost made me fall asleep? Yes. This song? Once again I repeat, please don’t put this on when you are driving. It makes you feel like the forest you were running suddenly had snow. You took a break. You watched the snow fall all around you and you just breathed slowly and watched things move slowly… Once again, beautiful, but don’t drive with this. (I’ve said this so many times already…)

Ivy, okay this time it’s not so bad. It has this feeling of walking around a snowy forest. You’re pretty much walking and admiring everything you see. Maybe taking pictures because the mood of the song feels that way. You see animals here and there and you just snap photos, because why not? As you continued walking, it almost felt like autumn was coming. You see dried leaves and you just chilled out. You step on these leaves and you just want to rest again and admire the beauty (Just like what you did above). Yeah, a whole story to describe one song, I know. Should you drive with this? Maybe yes, maybe no? No to be safe.

The Hollows, the next song in the list. Now I feel like I’ve found a cave and entered it. I see glittering lights as I walked into the cave. As I continued further, they glow brighter and brighter. Then, you saw a pool in the cave and watched the pool shimmer with light because of the glowing rocks. You walked around happily and saw fireflies. You are quite excited because the song feels like you are exploring something. You are exploring the cave’s secrets and wonders. No you won’t sleep this time. You had enough rest just now, so you’re going all out here. It’s an adventure, that’s what I’d call this song.

Drawing For The White Forest, the song I always wanted a translation on. Realized something as you read this review? It has been a journey right? Well, this is the final stop, so hold tight (Not really, you probably felt half sleepy by now) because I hope you remembered that intro music. The melody is the same. Your journey began with the forest. Now you are in the forest again, this time, colored white. The song sways you down to the ground. You can feel the warmth of the sunlight and began to sleep. Yes, don’t drive with this song before I forget. Where was I? Oh yeah… This song makes you feel at ease after all the adventures you had. About someone who told me what it meant? Well, the song is saying the white forest was for the person to relax in his own zone. Like… Free from all the nonsense around the world and this white forest is only for you. Yeah, it’s an overall meaning, but you get what I mean right? And finally at the end of the song, you open your eyes and you see the bright sun and wake up. You could only smile and continue walking across the white forest. Your journey ends here.

What I don’t like

Oval –Leggysalad Remix- (Track 8) sort of killed the mood… The song feels awkward… If you gave a listen, you’d go like “What happened to the forest theme?” Yeah, same question here. You can hear the distorted piano sounds. I was okay over here and I was like alright, maybe I’m just leaving the forest and into the city, riiiight? To be honest, it felt like summer, winter, spring and autumn decided to come in one go. Is it good, um, I don’t know… I like winter (But Malaysia has no snow) so it’s sad for me. Now which part of the song killed the mood? Well, zoom to 2:22 in the song. You started to hear a girl’s voice repeating over and over. I didn’t like this because not only my mood was disrupted, but was that really necessary? It kind of bugged me honestly and it just made me “This isn’t right…” Just hear the song and you’ll get what I’m saying.

Personal Opinions

The whole album feels like an adventure, which is awesome. I love it when songs make me imagine I’m in another world. That is what you call a good song. A song that will take you to places that you will never know. That is why when I listened to this album, I felt too comfortable and I actually slept on my bed. Done it before, then I woke up because a rock song popped up. Whatever you read above was pretty much the dream I had while listening to the album. Amazing right?


This album is for people who enjoy slow paced music and loads of piano and guitar. If you want fast paced music, nope, don’t get this.

Should you buy this album? : Yes
Will Deathspark buy this album? : HELL YES.
Reason: I want this album so badly, but the artist is so underrated. God dammit, I wish I can get this album. Minus the final track, but oh well it proves that there is no perfect album.

5/5, I want this album so bad…
Mikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingMikus rating

Digital Album could be bought at Amazon.

  1. ohh…he is my favourite producer too because of the calm voice of miku-san he provides.
    I owned two of his early works, “AND AWAKE” and “telescope”. I think i should get this too.

  2. my warmest congratulations for this review. Yuxuki Waga did extraordinary album which tr “AND WAKE” and “Telescope” but also “Evergreen” is also “Cielo” which if I remember correctly should be done along with another artist … the saddest thing is that you no longer see his songs on the internet! I hope you come back soon …

    • They were all great albums! Unfortunately, I don’t see his songs in his internet too like you said… :<

      I wished he'd make more calm tunes too, I loved his works! 🙂

  3. Hey man, heard you want the lyrics of Drawing For The White Forest right? Well I’ll give it to you 😀

    Drawing For The White Forest

    風景 白波に過ぎる拍動
    Fuukei shiranami ni yogiru hakudou
    Scenery of white-crested waves passing by with a beat

    そっと 色付いて 指先に漂う影
    Sotto irozuite yubisaki ni tadayou kage
    Fading shadow made by the fingers

    景色は揺らいで ここに踊る寄り添う飛び交う
    Keshiki wa yuraide koko ni odoru yorisou tobikau
    These swaying sceneries dance closely, flying pass each other

    想いは遷って 歓びに染まり 願う
    Omoi wa utsutte yorokobi ni somari negau
    As the feeling elapse, I wish only for happiness

    憧憬 暗闇に 映す声に そっと 描き出す 喜の輪にうつろう波
    Doukei kura ni utsusu koe ni sotto egakidasu ki no wa ni utsurou nami
    The voice that reflects the yearning darkness draws reflected waves in the ring of happiness (This sentence is abit wierd.. I think)

    当たり前の音 ここに歌う流れる揺らめく
    Atarimae no oto koko ni utau nagareru yurameku
    Natural sounds are singing, flowing, swaying

    形は変わって 歓びを描く
    Katachi wa kawatte yorokobi wo egaku
    The form changes and draws happiness

    この声が色付いて.. 歌う絵に 遠く、遠く、微笑った
    Kono koe ga irozuite utau e ni tooku, tooku, waratta
    This sound is fading.. Smilling towards the far far away painting of song

    Kikoenai kotoba sae
    Even words that cannot be heard

    歌う様に 溶ける白に染まってもいいよ…
    Utau you ni tokeru shiro ni somattemo ii yo …
    Can just be soak in whiteness and melt like a song

    Im a beginner translator … Pls DO tell me if any translation is wrong ^^ thx

    • The fact that you translated these lyrics to make me understand what the song means is already more than enough. This is splendid, although you’re a beginner. In fact, I’m extremely happy to see this. I’ve waited too long for this, and I’m thankful I wrote this review and I got my answer. It seems that from the song itself, it does feel like how I described the song in the article. From these lyrics, I can conclude this. The song is about a perspective of a calm view with soothing sounds. It’s almost like you can see the sounds as you listen to this song, and that itself is amazing. Though, I’m not 100% sure what the song truly means because it’s my opinion, I still highly appreciate your work in trying to translate this. You have my thumbs up my friend. 😉

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