Miku Pack 01 (Review by CeresMongrel)

Whilst this collection is a few years old now, I don’t feel like some of the songs are getting enough recognition. They’ve already had a review, but I don’t think they could be spoken of enough. My only complaint of this album, there aren’t enough songs.



ヘッドフォン・アディクション KEI feat. 初音ミク

Headphone Addiction – Kei feat. Miku Hatsune

Also featured on his sixth album, TOY, Headphone・Addiction is a great opening to the first Miku pack. It has a good pace, with a wonderful riff carrying on in the background as Miku sings in a typical ballad style. You can just imagine her walking her way to school, swinging her bag as sunlight streams through trees.

不可視境界線の狭間にて ダルビッシュP feat. 初音ミク

The Threshold of the Invisible Boundary Line – Darvish-P feat. Miku Hatsune

In a completely different style than the previous song, Darvish-P’s rock piece opens with a brilliant drum solo that introduces Miku’s perfectly fitting voice. It paints an imaginative picture of an angsting girl longing over something more in a somewhat eerie way that is echoed in a killer guitar solo.
学園×∀ssassinatioИ やいり feat. 初音ミク

Academy×∀ssassinatioИ – Yairi feat. Miku Hatsune

This song is the reason I wanted to review this album. It’s got a perfect ‘bite me’ attitude, and features another amazing guitar solo that also echoes the gritty style of the song. Miku sings about her crush, but her hatred for a popular girl at her school quickly outshines her other attentions. It’s a fantastic up beat song that I’d definitely recommend everyone to play on loop.

愛して愛して愛して きくお feat. 初音ミク

Love me Love me Love me – Kikuo feat. Miku Hatsune

In a very different style than the others, I might even say it’s Pierrot-esque. This song packs a jazzy beat in a song that masks a darker message. Miku is deluded and craves attention and love from anyone and everyone, demanding that they ‘love her’. It’s got a great dance beat to it, and ends on an amazing note with ‘this is happiness, right?’.

橙交差点 まらしぃ feat. 初音ミク

Orange Intersection Point – Marasy feat. Miku Hatsune

Last, but definitely not least, is this wonderful closing piece. This song is featured in Marasy’s first VOCALOID album, Kuusou Memorize (空想メモライズ). It’s like the end of the school day, the cicadas have come out and Miku is walking home from school after a tiring day. This song has a wonderful and calming piano solo that fits perfectly alongside a beautiful guitar, as the soothing sounds of the cicadas sing in the background. It’s the perfect song to listen to at the end of the day.


TLDR; You should definitely listen to this album.

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