Miku Pack 05 (Review by Deathspark)

We’re on our 28th album now and yes, Valentine’s Day was a few days ago and I’m single, as always. Not worry, I do have an album to cheer you up, so let’s give this album a go! It’s Miku Pack 05,  apparently it’s from a magazine, but it does have some tracks in it. Let’s jump right in and see what they have to offer! If I were to make a smart guess, this album’s theme was about Valentine’s, perfect to review at a time like this! Oh, based on the album art itself, you know we’re going all out Luka here. (Ironic though because it’s called Miku Pack…)

Album: Miku Pack 05
Genre: Various
Link: http://www.amazon.co.jp/MIKU-Pack-music-artworks-feat-%E5%88%9D%E9%9F%B3%E3%83%9F%E3%82%AF-05/dp/B00GZM2TAQ
Tracks: 5 Tracks
Song Highlight:

What I like

どりーみんチュチュ(Track 1) is truly, an amazing Valentine’s Day song, trust me. Usually, you’d get lovey dovey songs that just, well, sound generic. Emon on the other hand, says no. He decides to ramp it up with his twist of music. Does it work? Yes, in fact I didn’t know it was for Valentine until I checked it out on Youtube. Here, for your troubles:

Here’s a brief summary of the song. It’s an innocent girl wanting to give chocolates to a guy, well, Luka’s trying to give the chocolates. Amazingly, we know Luka for her deep voice, in this song she sounds, sweet. How do you even do that emon? It’s still amazing nonetheless. I love it. 5 stars, Happy Valentine’s!

What I don’t like

All of the other songs were tolerable, honestly. They weren’t bad, but I just didn’t like them a lot like what emon could do. Polyphonic Branch almost got me, but it didn’t do well enough. Travolta? The artist from track 3? Well, it’s not bad, it’s just, perhaps a little too messy. ましゃはる whoever this guy is…? With this song, 嘘と僕等とチョコレート (Lies and Chocolates)? Yeah, the rock is too hard, I can barely hear Luka. Otestu’s song is slow, which, ya guys already know why.


If you do somehow don’t know what album fits Valentine, well, this is it.

Should you buy this album? : Perhaps (60%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Would consider… (50%)

I’m on the hedge here honestly… It has my all-time favorite, but it has another 4 tracks I’m not a fan of, sorry :<

3/5, if it was just an extra 2 tracks, it may be 4.

  1. usually I don’t put much attention on album review. but today is different because you reviewed one of album I’d like to collect.

    this album is part miku-pack magazine series. while usually they talk mostly about miku, in this volume they focus on miku lesbian best friend, megurine luka!

    in depth of valentine theme, all song obliviously talks about chocolate and love.

    this song without doubt is the best from this ep. music itself is catchy. while luka is tuned very kyute with miku backing her up. while the pv itself is oh my god it’s so kawaii that I have take my boat to sail, row it with my hand, and kill a kraken with harpoon to feel like a man again.

    I never been fan of polyponicbranch. his music kinda ok. I don’t like how luka tuned though.

    I only know travolta from toeto, so I don’t know much about his music style. but this song is very enjoyable. music is kinda folk, though it’s more popish. luka’s tune is standard, I won’t complain about this. has no pv sadly.

    this guy, who is he? marshal is kinda new on vocaloid world. I have tried to listen few of his work (although he didn’t produce much aong). I like his rock. but, BUT, his luka’s tune is kinda high-pitched. not safe to play it loud out of public. the pv is cool, though.

    it’s otetsu. what are you waiting for? though, I’m hoping more hard rock instead softie laik dis. well, it’s valentine.

    if you ask me to buy this, I will be realistic. no, because i have to buy it with magazine that I can’t read a single word of it which is fucking expensive. i’ll stick on illegal thing.

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