Miku Will Now Sing for You! (For Real!)

Oh, I’ve missed you all so much! Being without internet should be a crime in my case, but that didn’t stop me from doing some research! In my downtime without internet, I stumbled across this interesting Miku Nendoroid a few days ago!

It’s your own singing Miku! If you can’t make it to the live show… why not just have your own Miku concert?! I know I live too far from a venue that would host Miku and friends, so this will be a definite buy for me! She was unveiled at the Wonder Festival just a few days ago and she is already coveted by many collectors as well.

She has 10 joints of articulation, she’s a 11 centimeters tall (A little bigger than her 2.0 Nendoroid), and she has a pedestal with speakers, microphone, and 15 motors built in! Talk about fancy! I’m already saving back for her! You can talk to her and she will sing back to you, answer questions, and can be set up off of your smartphone!

The song featured is Hajimete no Oto by malo.


  1. Holymolly
    they should make the non droid ver!! I would definietly buy it
    looks awesome,but if Miku ever come here again ill use all the money ive save up till now to watch her again,her live show was amazing

  2. oh if only the lips moved and then it would be perfect. Crypton also has that project of a life sized vocaloid robot. Miku and Luka have sort of been worked on for this.

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