MikuDB Youtube Project

MikuDB first youtube project video is out! In this project, MikuDB is going to promote those producer which is unpopular but extremely talented in making songs and stuff. If you have a song or MMD or any stuff you feel like want to share or promote, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll see what we can do! Spread the word to your friends, family, bf/gf who’s want to collaborate and share their music but got no where to go, remember MIKUDB! Any of you guys maybe have some favorite producer of yours which you think he should be popular but not and you want to help him by promote his songs, come find us! More info you can find below at the youtube description box and stay awesome, frosty, handsome/beautiful.

  1. i am Really Looking forward for more Projects, i didn’t know about this artist, i really love listening to Vocaloid, so many Artists are out there, underrated and many didn’t here about their magic

    thanks again, really looking forward for all the artist that this really cool projects is going to show us in the future

    many thanks <3

  2. torero. he’s usually make rap song using miku luka gumi rin. kinda famous since he’s featured on some web album, but still not enough spotlight for him

  3. You should feature uzP sometime. He makes some amazing hard rock, but he’s not well-known and sorta lacks polish with his audio mastering. Then again, that just makes it feel even more indie 😀

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