Mikuzukin Module Review by CeresMongrel

Max Factory 1/7th scale figure

One of my top favourites, Mikuzukin (Miku Hood) is a wonderful play on Little Red Riding Hood, complete with a teeny tiny wolf on her head! Designed by Tda (pixiv/blog), this wonderful module contains so much attention to detail. In fact, this module is so beautiful that Max Factory released a 1/7th scale figure of it in 2015!


Project Diva f 2nd Clover♣Club

Miku’s iconic pigtails are replaced by a large, sweet hood, implying that her hair is very short. It’s tied with a huge red ribbon that’s details with adorable yellow embroidery that carries on throughout the entire outfit. Her sleeves are replaced by puff sleeves and a dainty bracelet, giving a unique look to Miku. Aside from that, her original silhouette is kept as she wears a wonderfully frilly skirt, complete with white trim and high white socks that are kept laced with long yellow ribbon.

Her apron is decorated with tiny, cute flowers, and although her pigtails are gone, two large ribbons tie the outfit off beautifully at the back, adorned with yellow embroidery. Her heeled shoes are tied with delicate little ribbons, and the use of bright red, golden yellow and white really give this outfit a dazzling, show stopping look.

In 2015, Volks released an outfit set of this brilliant module. It perfectly mirrors the original module and figure. I wish I could dress a Miku doll in this!! It maintains the wonderfully curvy silhouette whilst making it as cute as possible. The tiny wolf on her head is simply irresistible too! This is the perfect outfit for Miku to just run into the woods to eat cookies!


Volks Outfit Set

To get this module on Project Diva f 2nd, clear ‘Clover♣Club’ on any difficulty.


Original Project Diva Module

Mikuzukin MMD Model

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