Something for your, card?

Firstly, I have questions for you.

1. Do you have a card for the arcades, but the graphics suck?
2. Do you have any Paypals, credit cards or whatever touch and go, cards, but the graphics suck?
3. Do you have any cards that looks sucky and you wanna decorate it, oh and the graphics of your current card suck?

Well, I have a solution for you!

Here you go, 4 beautifully crafted card sticker designs by Yume Cheese!
Here’s the artist who made these:

Here’s how it works. If you have a card that you constantly use (I’ll use an arcade ID card as an example), you’re probably bored on how it looks. Make sure that the card can be used when a sensor detects it. The product I have shown above are stickers. In other words, they are simply decorations to beautify your card. It does not serve any purpose except for aesthetics, so keep that in mind. That’s pretty much it.

Let me break it down on each card.

The card on the top left is Megurine Luka and based on the Facebook page itself, you can find multiple Luka card stickers, so pick your favorite. I chose this Luka because, well, meap.

Anyway, next up is Yuzuki Yukari on the top right. Now, I really didn’t talk about Yuzuki Yukari before in my album reviews, but I’d gladly call her an underrated jewel that didn’t get enough love compared to the big shots out there. So yeah, I will eventually talk about her album soon, promise.

On the bottom left and right, we have Mikus, both Snow Miku 2014 and 2015. Remember when I did a Snow Miku comparison and had trouble choosing which was better? Well, why not both? I decided to snag both of them away anyway and I noticed something after going home.

On Yukari and Luka, the texture feels different compared to the Snow Mikus. If I were to describe the feeling, Yukari and Luka’s card felt like a mouse pad, almost. You get the feeling. As for the Snow Mikus, they feel very smooth, pretty much like your phone’s screen.

Obviously, they had more designs, but I don’t need too many so I got these 4 eye catching ones (to me) instead.

So yeah, there’s my review on these products, you can find them in their Facebook page and once again, I’m not sure if they ship internationally and they can easily be found in ACG events in Malaysia. I got these at a Touken Ranbu Convention while volunteering (Please don’t question why…) so I hope this made some of you excited! 🙂

EDIT: I forgot to mention, for international audiences, I’m not too sure if they ship internationally, so contact the creator yeah?

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