Hatsune Miku: -Project DIVA X- Feat. Megurine Luka

Megurine Luka’s anniversary celebration doesn’t end with KarenT launching some albums exclusively for her birthday. Her own developer, Crypton Future Media also has some backbone collaborating with SEGA. This collaboration had resulted to 2 PV’s featuring the birthday celebrant herself together with Hatsune Miku. Also the 2 PV’s were made by Mitchie M and 黒うさP (WhiteFlame) […]

KarenT presents Megurine Luka’s Anniversary 2016

I missed IA and ONE’s anniversary date and decided not to write an article about them anymore because : a.) It’s not fresh anymore. [I mean, people don’t want to have news on a later date, right?] b.) I know news about their anniversary are on every vocaloid related sites. [I don’t want to waste […]