PAST OF BLACK – Album Review by TheImmortalHottentot

Hello MikuDB! Today, I’ll be reviewing PAST OF BLACK, the second full album by Solaris (or Virgin Noize). I ran into Solaris’ work months ago, hearing the single off of this album, “Tafel Anatomie”. The track had me interested in hearing more, but I didn’t get a hold of this full album until now. It’s been a […]

Pathos – Album Review by TheImmortalHottentot

Hello MikuDB! Today, I’ll be looking at the newest album from electronic artist Yunosuke, Pathos. It looks like Yunosuke is relatively new as a Vocaloid producer: they started releasing songs in 2014, their first mini-album dropped in 2015. I havn’t heard any of their work until this album, but if it is in any way representative […]

ATOLS/MIKU 2 – Album Review by TheImmortalHottentot

Hello MikuDB! Today, I’ve listened to the newest album by the EDM/dubstep artist ATOLS called ATOLS/MIKU 2. I first listened to ATOLS when browsing the “rebellion against aesthetics” tag on VocaDB (maybe sometime I’ll write about this tag), and ever since, I’ve been a fan of their work and its quality. By that, I mean that all […]

All of Rin – ジェバンニP (Demo’s review)

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s not getting enough of my Rin during the day- other than that an old owl   always hoots outside my window just as I get to sleep… yeesh! ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) —– ꉂꆭ( ☼⃝◞⊖ ◟☼⃝ ) ~hoo! Creepy- but again, Rin is one of the youngest […]

Digital Colors – ヤスオP (Demo’s review)

  Well, this one takes the cake as a massive spray of “digital colors”, but this EP is a good intro to new Vocaloid listeners: 4 songs, not too long, not too short, Miku and a piece made over 6 years ago. It’s a good album, and classic to some, and also my ex-girlfriends favorite […]