Torrent Name: [MikuDB Torrent Team] C73 v2

File Size: 1.78 GB

Date: 23-09 - 2015


File list:

Allium Project — Stir up! [APCD-0001] (flac+scans)
Alstroemeria Records (2 Hero) — Fly High feat. Miku Hatsune [ARCDFFFF] (flac)
ave;new — Jewel Colors [ANSP-1003] (flac+scans)
CYTOKINE — hatch the new Flow [CK-0008P] (flac)
HEXAsoft — ミクミク [HXCD-E013] (flac+scans)
Nick-Ninth — ハツオト (flac+scans)
North-T — タイムリミット (flac+scans)
ryo — メルト [MELT01] (flac+scans)
sore graceless oaf — ミクにハラスメント (flac)
TakeponG — MIRACLE TRAX [CHOM-0025] (flac+scans)
Various Artists — 俺の脳内ミクが一番可愛い (flac+scans)
はちみつれもん — Vocatrio [HLCD-0003] (flac+scans)

Last updated: 2019.04.27

  1. Nobody is seeding this? It’s one of the only sources you can find ave;new’s Jewel Colors single & HEXAsoft’s Miku x Miku album

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