Twinkle World (Review by Deathspark)

This 30th album may be a favorite for some of you. Twinkle World by Hachioji, yep, reminds me of the first album I reviewed here on mikudb! 🙂 I have nothing much to say, let’s just start talking.

Album: Twinkle World
Genre: Electronica
Tracks: 14 Tracks
Song Highlight:

Like the way how the intro reminds me that it’s Twinkle World, the feeling is there, so I have high hopes, let’s go.

What I like

Twinkle World (Track 2) right off the bat was good. For some reason, I’m not a gigantic fan of Hachioji, but this song was different. If you listened to a lot of Hachi, you’d see that this style is slightly different compared to his old electronica style. (I think I did say that before in Desktop Cinderella…) so I guess it’s pretty much the same story here. It feels bright and the tempo is comfortable to follow. Of course I did feel that Hachioji styled melody, but it feels like a hybrid, at least I don’t feel too saturated with the same style again and again.

ストックホルム [Stockholm] (Track 8) has that Killer Lady vibe (An old song by Hachioji that takes my 5 stars) and sang by the correct singer, Luka. Good Vocaloid choice and perfect song feeling, this is what I want to hear. The song gives me that groove feeling like “This is my jam!” If I were to picture myself with this song, it’d be in a DJ Party where Hachioji drops the bass and all of us were banging our heads in excitement until we drop.

What I don’t like

Once again, there are many songs not highlighted, so I’ll make a summary why. The songs pretty much have the same feeling, almost and if you’re going to tell me Heart Chrome (Track 9) was great, unfortunately, it’s not AS great. It’s average, but not super good.

Weekender Girl (八王子P Remix) (Track 10) however is something I must talk about. Ya see, I 5 starred Weekender Girl, the original song. How about this song? Well, I must say it did not reach my expectations. The Hachioji vibe was very heavy in this one and did it work? Maybe not so much, and I won’t say it’s bad either. I immediately went to listen to the original and affirmed myself a yes, I prefer the original than the remix. I felt like I was enjoying Miku’s voice more than the melody in the remix. The melody feels a little, too much? Weekender Girl was just nice, just enough, just perfect. Shows that sometimes, overdoing something won’t make it better.

This album also has an Epilogue to end it all. Not good, not bad, at least it’s a proper closure.


If you like Hachioji or basically electronica or, whatever you want to call it, this album is for you. Not recommended if you want something calm.

Should you buy this album? : Perhaps (70%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Maybe…? (40%)

Yeah sure, it has decent tracks, but not all of them were excellent tier to me.

A safe 3/5 for me.

  1. 3/5? i loved this album like a lot, but again it might be the setup difference, because my rig is like 7000$ worth, so i hear the real bass/treble of the tracks and they are epic, ofc the vocals are musical to the max.

    • It really depends, even if the bass or whatever is the best, I need to feel the melody. Does the song make me feel something? Does the song make me feel excited for something? Does the song make me remember something? Does the song give me any sensations? That’s how I judge. That’s why sometimes I look like an idiot when I’m alone, sometimes I do random hand gestures and people would be like “Hey!” and I’d snap out of my delusional world. Yeah, I’m very music driven…

  2. Oh sweet, a review of the only Vocaloid album I own haha. Loved the Epilogue personally, it’s got this happy uplifting kind of feel, I can imagine an amazing happy hardcore remix based on this :p

    My personal favs are Super Sonic Love and Still Love You, but Twinkle World gets a special mention from me as well.

    If anyone is looking for a physical copy, you can get them from AmiAmi, I got mine through their Rakuten shop but I guess it’s best to do it directly on their own webshop:

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