Vocaloid News #3

Sorry for the delay, it was quite unexpected. Here are some of the happenings that will or have taken place.


tilt-six’s second album will be released on the 14 of November. Hope Sound will be released during THE VOC@LOiD M@STER33. It has been around 2 years since his first album, but looking at the tracks, it was worth the wait. It would certainly be an album worth getting.


sasakure.UK’s 4th album is being released on the 2nd of December. Titled 「不謌思戯モノユカシー」, it consists of 15 tracks. I have yet to see a crossfade for it, but I believe it will incorporate the usual unique style sasakure.UK has.


cosMo@暴走P has a novel and drama CD on sale. Both being released near the end of December, do keep a look out for them if you are a fan. I believe Chemical System LE will also be at Comiket 89 with a booth, be sure to stop by if you will be going, I know I will definitely check it out and get what I do not already own! Another music video was also uploaded on his YouTube Channel.


IA will be performing live at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market「Live.Japan」 in London. Not stopping at just Japan or the US, IA will be performing in UK on the 28 and 29 of November, do not miss out if you live around that area! Details can be found in the description of the video posted.


BACK-ON, HoneyWorks, nano and Lia will be performing at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015! Lia, the voice of IA will be performing on the 29th of November, along with the popular utaite nano, while HoneyWorks and BACK-ON are in the lineup for the concert on the 27th. Though Lia and HoneyWorks are the names we might be more familiar in the Vocaloid scene, BACk-ON has one song with IA in the IA Magazine released recently this year, it is a really a catchy song and is really good. If you live around the SEA region, don’t miss out this chance to have your Vocaloid fix! EXIT TUNES will also most probably be down with a booth, if things go well, and it would be nice if they bring in live performances as well!


To cap things off, I would like to share this song ゆりと uploaded in the last month. Seeing how Yurito has released an album for both C87 and C88, I do hope there might be a surprise coming for C89. Yurito has really made a fan out of me from Ascension, will hope for more in the future!


That’s it for this edition! If there are any suggestions and recommendations, do comment below. You could also fill the Contact Us form to reach us. The year is coming to a close, and while the year is winding down, it seems that activity is just starting to pick up, and the year will end with a bang, with the occurrence of Comiket. Looking forward to see what is in store for us in these coming 2 months!


– Aoryn

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