The weird side of Vocaloids!

The first thing we think about Vocaloids would be the songs we all like, especially the catchy ones. I’d get answers such as “Hatsune Miku” or some famous artist depending on what they are a fan of.

But what if I told you there is also a dark side of Vocaloids…? I wouldn’t truly call it a dark side, I suppose I’d safely call it, the weird section… Here’s a few things for you to notice.

1.ANY weird remix with Vocaloid music

I wasn’t kidding about the weird part. This video is an instant classic if you knew both Vocaloids and the Angry German Kid (Or AGK) for a very long time. Until now, this video made me question how much time the creator has invested just to create this beautiful mess. It also got me thinking on how much this kid can sing Japanese, not to mention how accurate he was able to sing as well. Oh, this is just one of them, there’s more…

Yeah, nothing gets away from the grasp of remixers, I’ll tell you that… Oh, apparently someone was kind enough to entertain you with this:

That should be enough headphone destruction I suppose…

Anyway, this is just one of the examples I know. People are also remixing Vocaloid songs with other weird things like Old Spice and, god knows what else. All I can say is, if you can imagine it, it probably exists.

Yes, we have loads of weird stuff…

2. Scribbles and mix ins

This video made me laugh on how much creativity it had, and yet, it sort of made me realize that Miku can somehow speak English, a little. I love these weird videos and I encourage people to do it because it actually somehow makes Vocaloids look fun.

Yes, we know, Peppa Pig’s clip has been mixed in with lots of weird things, but Vocaloids are no exception. This is one of the examples, and if you didn’t get the joke, the song was Gigantic O.T.N. by GigaP and it’s known to be extremely explicit, so I hope that made you understand the video above. Obviously, there are more remixes with even more explicit Vocaloid clips, but I couldn’t find them, this is one of them.

3. MMDs

If you were wondering where the Miku flipping the GIF came from, well here it is. Since MMD gives people freedom to do whatever they want, well, they did do whatever they want, thus, this video. First time I saw this, I was chuckling as there are even clear instructions on how to flip the bird, or should I say, a step by step tutorial. It’s cute, and though I’m not a huge fan of MMD, this is definitely something you should at least know.

Yeah… Call it a capability test run, but when I first saw this, I was like “Bruuuuuhhhhhh” because why would you choose to juggle knives? No wait, FORKLIFTS?! Oh internet, never fails to amuse me… I suppose when I said if you can imagine it, it exists, well, I didn’t imagine this, but it existed anyway.

There are probably more weird things, so feel free to share here! Show me more weird things, let’s see how much ridiculousness we can find!

    • Oh dang, that thing! I forgot it’s name ^^; It’s weird and creepy indeed, so thanks for sharing. Like I said, please share some more if anyone has even more weird things to share!

    • Oddly enough, I find Calne Ca Miku very adorable. Especially when she’s not in hybrid form.

      T’is not queer. Just a bit shocking at first sight. Once you get used to her visage, you can find that Calne Ca Miku is quite an adorable specimen.

      • 🙂 We sometimes find scary things cute, like baby spiders! Scary and horrifying for some, but cute to a certain bunch of people!

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