Which songs do you wanna hear? Request them now! The ones with the most votes will be added sooner. After some time, we will add them to “Our Choice”. Please state the producer, vocal and the specific playlist you want the song added to if it is the case.

Ex : Parallel Diver – Caz feat. Megurine Luka – Metal

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Edits :
2015/03/31 – dely, leia, Girls, |||Toluthin antenna|||, world’s end dancehall, ladies first, SPiCa, meltdown added to “Our Choice”.
2014/12/09 – Hibikase, Ooedo Ranvu, No title, Echo, Drop Pop Candy, Acute, Megane, Cendrillon, Colors, Kokoro, Remoe, Souzou Forest and Cinderella (Hanatan ver.) added.
2014/11/03 – Rolling girl and  my list dame/Don’t Mylist Me! removed, already in “Our Choice”. Ready to Fight for Yourself, Glass Wall, Twinkle World and Dreaming Chuchu added.

  1. my name is love song – Neru ft. Kagamine Rin/Len
    Donor song(cillia cover) – rerulili ft. VY1
    Colors – toa ft. Hatsune miku

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