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Physical Version:
Google Drive [192K/MP3]

Note: This copy is directly from Niwa no Hotaru himself. Our generous donator, Lennet, received his physical copy but there was major issue with the disc so Niwa no Hotaru send him these files.

Digital Version:
Bandcamp [Free]

Note: The album is free on Bandcamp. All the files on Bandcamp have been checked by me and they are all perfect conditions, so if you are someone who wants FLAC, you can download it from Bandcamp, but if you have a dollar to spare, consider paying a little. Unfortunately the digital versions do not have the bonus tracks, so you have to download those from the physical version.


    • Tracklist:
      1. April 1,2019
      2. Nostalgia.
        庭ノ螢 feat. IA
      3. 夏の果て
        庭ノ螢 feat. IA
      4. さよなら少女
        庭ノ螢 feat. IA
      5. 庭ノ螢 feat. IA
      6. 短命
        庭ノ螢 feat. IA
      7. おやすみ
        庭ノ螢 feat. IA
      8. eLl
      9. 奇跡は起きない。
        庭ノ螢 feat. IA
      10. papillon
        庭ノ螢 feat. IA
      11. 躁鬱飛行
        庭ノ螢 feat. IA
      12. 彼方
        庭ノ螢 feat. IA
      13. 庭ノ螢 feat. IA

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