Five Hatsune Miku Facts! (By Mikuaddict)

We all know that Vocaloid has a long history, especially many fan’s favorite Hatsune Miku. She really has shown herself, from stages to our laptops and fans hope to see more of her in the close future. But not to worry, Hatsune Miku will be with us for a very long time with the same looks and voice from the first time we saw her. Here are the some facts that can help show what a software is capable of.

#5 Miku’s First Design!

kei__s_first_design_for_hatsune_miku_and_a_dare__by_ememdee_43-d53rwg5 (1)

Let’s start easy and from the beginning. Right when the manga artist KEI was designing Hatsune Miku, the picture of above shows his first design of Hatsune Miku. Many fans follow Hatsune Miku for her design, but what would’ve happened if KEI continued this design instead of the pigtails we all know?

#4 Miku’s search of the ice cream man

After the release of Miku, we all know of how huge Vocaloid sales got, except for one Vocaloid that was really a failure in sales. Who am I talking about? Well it was Kaito. Other voicebanks like Meiko were doing pretty well. The story continues when Kurousa-P published in Nico Nico Douga a parody of the song “Dear you” (from the popular anime “when they cry” ) named “A request from Hatsune Miku” a song dedicated to Kaito with lyrics singing “where are you and where have you’ve been?” Later, another song writer Ice-P made a response song named “A response to Hatsune Miku” with lyrics saying “yes? I was eating icecream”. After that, Kaito’s popularity suddenly grew and also we all know why Kaito’s food choice was icecream all along! Cool story right?

#3 Miku’s REAL appearance in anime.

We all know how Vocaloids like Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len appear as Easter eggs in anime, such as background characters or cosplay for just a few seconds. Also voice actors such as Saki Fujita, the voice actress of Miku, play roles in anime, so play close attention and you might recognize the voices behind the characters. Popular roles include “Ymir” from “Attack On Titan” or “Ritsu” from “Assassination Classroom” ( its kinda funny finding out that Saki Fujita plays the AI, the virtual girl who lives in a computer… I wonder if they picked her role on purpose) But did you know that an anime actually called Saki Fujita so she could voice “Hatsune Miku” just for an Easter Egg just for a few seconds? Usually Miku appears walking by, but never actually speaking. It makes it funny to see that behind the Easter Egg was another Easter Egg, when it was the actual actress playing her role, when an anime could’ve saved money and not making Miku speak at all. What was the anime called? Oh yeah! “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” video down below, also extra points if you find Meiko, Kaito, Rin and Len.

#2 Miku in the United States

If you have been paying attention to any anime news lately, Hatsune Miku has been appearing in the United States A LOT. Whether it’s the Miku Expo or appearing in American media. From opening concerts to Lady Gaga, to appearing in David Letterman’s show. Don’t forget the Pharrell Williams’s remix “Last night, good night”. Many don’t believe that appearing in the American media was a good idea. But it sure payed off seeing a bigger amount of people interested in joining Miku’s fan list. 2014 was great and we hope to see more! In 2014 Miku appeared in Time Magazine’s list “The 15 Most Influential Fictional Characters of 2014” Going in 8th place beating popular characters like Hello kitty or even Thor. Congratulations Miku! We hope to see even more this 2016 and beyond.

#1 Miku is taking over the world!

When people go to Vocaloid concerts they see a variety of ages in the people sitting by them, from children to full adults. Don’t judge by age because you never who the person is. Guess who is in the picture below:
It would be easy to recognize Miku, and if you are really into Vocaloid you would know that the guy in the right is Hiroyuki Ito, Miku’s software creator or more like Miku’s father. And who is the lady?…. well its Caroline Kennedy, the ambassador of the United States to Japan coming to visit for a Vocaloid concert. Yep, well we now hope for world domination.
Well that’s all for now! We hope to see more and more as time goes on. Thanks for reading!

  1. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei has tons of easter eggs! One of the episodes have goku and vegeta fighting in the backgound Lucky Star etc.
    Too lazy to log in mikufan out.

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