LaLuna Chuu’s Song Pick: “Prince of Dark Tower,” by MachigeritaP

Sorry for the late post everyone! I normally post on Sundays but here is my pick for a song today!

I have picked a lovely song by MachigeritaP, called Prince of Dark Tower featuring Gakupo. This sad and eerie song is about a vampire watching his love from a tower, he fell in love with her before actually turning but is unable to actually be with her because of the sun burning him alive. With a sad ending, this song is still a classic.

MachigeritaP is one of the first Vocaloid producers and actually has several songs in the Hall of Fame on NicoNico. He’s known for his horror rock style mainly. I actually found MachigeritaP on iTunes, that’s how I had actually heard about him! If you like horror rock based Vocaloid music, I would TOTALLY recommend him!!

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