Mikufan2015’s Album Review #7: Centralia

This week I’m just done. WAY TOO MUCH STUFF IN LIFE. We got Centralia this week here and sorry. Now it’s summer so life is letting me have time to talk about VOCALOIDS!!! Centralia is a rock album that features Rin and only Rin, leave now if ya don’t like Rin. Not sure what to talk about in the intro this time soo, lets go!

Track #1: Boundary

The feeling of this song isn’t hard rock but rather a combination of soft rock as well. I love Rin’s voice usage in this song where her softness fits this song and the whole album. She’s not drowned out by the guitar, yet the music is flowing. The music is just right in the middle in terms of being soft and loud. 3.5/5

Mikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratinghalf mikumikugray.png (50×47)

Track #2: Dusk and Orange

A nice soft intro usually means an upbeat fast paced song. I’m not liking this song because of the balance between the singing and the music. Maybe some of you will enjoy it more then I did. There are some good things about this track though so I’ll give this a 2.5/5

Mikus ratingMikus ratinghalf mikumikugray.png (50×47)mikugray.png (50×47)

Track #3: Concentrate

The intro is a nice easy intro and it leads into the song quite well. Though I like the song, all in all the singing could be a tad louder. Other then that the song all around is rather similar to another song but Rin doesn’t get louder along with the music. Maybe about a 2.5/5, it’s not the greatest but not the worst.

Mikus ratingMikus ratinghalf mikumikugray.png (50×47)mikugray.png (50×47)

Track #4: Confession

With the strumming and lead to the song I expected a rock song, like full on. This is more of a mix of hard and softer rock but I like the right mixture of these two genres. You can’t call it either as you could go either way with this song. I love how Rin is used to her limits in high pitches to help make the song more vibrant and more realistic sounding. A 3/5

Mikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingmikugray.png (50×47)mikugray.png (50×47)

Track #5: Raptor

The intro is mostly drums and whole notes on the guitar. The song this time has a more of a calming feel, like a halfway through break of this album. I enjoy the musical flow of the song and I enjoy how the song is like a deep breath for you. 3/5

Mikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingmikugray.png (50×47)mikugray.png (50×47)

Track #6: At the end

Jam out! This is a song I would jam out to anywhere. The song has balance between music and Rin’s singing and it really helps each other out and makes the song sound and be better. Maybe I’ll call this my favorite song of the album, but we have three more tracks to gooooooo. 4/5

Mikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingmikugray.png (50×47)

Track #7: Reincarnation

Nice and easy song, I’m liking how the music flows with the guitar and drum set. This is the kind of song that you would wave your hands to in a concert. If only. Another 3/5

Mikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingmikugray.png (50×47)mikugray.png (50×47)

Track #8: Centralia (Instrumental)

It’s not all out rock n roll jammin’ here but you need a calm song in an album. Although if this is an instrumental then where’s the ver. with lyrics? I love the overall feeling of the song where it’s not too loud but still has energy in the song. 3/5

Mikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingmikugray.png (50×47)mikugray.png (50×47)

Final Track: Still Stay Up

As always the last song must end the album out for me and this album was a slow soft ending that didn’t end the album with a bang, but rather helped to give a change in pace that was different from other things. Overall it was a great ending to this great album. Though the pace was quite similar to the last song, it’s still the right song to end out the album. 3.5/5

 Mikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratinghalf mikumikugray.png (50×47)

I’d say this is my favorite rock album I’ve had. It’s summer now meaning I’ll switch back to two articles a week, with the so what feeling of the summer requests and one of our fellow community members gets reviewed with his music awesomeness. Well, see ya next time.  Leave any suggestions below! I’d love to review your favorite albums and see what I could do for you guys! After all I’m only here because of you guys! After all I got not much to do ‘cept binge 300 anime over the summer I mean.I’m going to start doing ten stars as some songs need this. If you haven’t figured it out I leave cryptic messages in the outro.


Today’s the last day of school!!!


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