sasakure.UK Announces New Up-Coming Album!

sasakure.UK has announced a new album called Fukashigi Monoyukasy, it is the sequel to Makamaka Monomonosy! sasakure.UK is well known for hits such as MobiRe Sensation (featuring Rin Kagamine), *Hello,Planet. and Nijiiro*Adventure (featuring Miku Hatsune) It is currently available for pre-order for 3700JPY (that’s about $30 States side) and will be released December 2nd, 2015! Just in time for Christmas!! There will be two discs, which include music and a DVD! A 24 page booklet, an
“AYAKASHI” note, a “Futuyougofu” IC card sticker, and a “Ippakuseki” strap! Here’s the track list for the CD:

01. Welcome to Fukashigi
02. Pinboke Wonder-World Peace feat. Annabel
03. Ponkotsu Distorker feat. IA
04. Claimer’s High feat. Ayaponzu*
05. n o u r
06. Ghost Light feat. Kasane Teto
07. Myriad of Ages Lullaby feat. sorako
08. Ubawaretamono feat. lasah
09. A Millennium and the Spiral, For Things that Fall feat. swi
10. Hyakkiyagyo (MillionGhostWander)
11. ki ki kai kai feat. GUMI
12. A(ma)YAKASHI Monoganasy feat. Perio
13. …to mo da ti ?
14. The Helix of Garatia
15. Brionac of Steel-flash feat. Perio


Pretty exciting, right?! The DVD will include several music videos and game videos as well! If you’re interested in the pre-order, click here. For more information about the release, click this link.

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